by Hüseyin Samet Aksoy (Associate - Product Sourcing)


Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Ortaköy...  They are great and offer you a perfect atmosphere. They are so great that it is impossible for the visitors of the city to miss or overlook them. That's why this little guide will not talk about any of these places. What this guide about is the local side of Istanbul, where you can see and feel the real local culture of the city. Where you can integrate yourself to the local joys of the citizens and take the small paths of journey right to the heart of the city.

Although there might not be always enough time to discover when we travel for business, those who come to Istanbul and find some time over a weekend or even those who come just for holiday can try the places below and let the city's culture accompany you.

How to start?   

Well, for many cities, getting exhausted by walking down deep to the corners and getting lost in the streets are the most enjoyable ways of discovery and this applies to Istanbul too. In order to find enough energy to do this, strong turkish breakfast might be your morning booster. Besiktas area especially known as the "Breakfast Street" among locals offer wide variety of colorful choices and the chance to try as much as you can. What you have to order is "Serpme Kahvaltı" and here's a look from that cute street:  

Need Coffee?

Imagine a place where you would not even walk in the nights some years ago, turned to be one of the most popular cafe areas nowadays. With its charming atmosphere and "kind of ruined" buildings, Karaköy area welcomes you for a peaceful cofee break . One never gets bored thanks to lovely decorations of the shops here:


Green in Istanbul?

Might not be the best city to this question, however there are still some nice spots for fresh air, one of which is "Fenerbahce Park". No matter what the season is, this parks is definitely breathtaking and a hidden slice of heaven. This is the place to let the sun heat up your bones while it goes down on the sea.



So you have seen the sunset?

Now get ready to see the sunrise and make sure that you are one of the rooftop bars in Asmalımescit area when the day starts lighting up. Even if you are not up to stay until that late, just get a good night around this area, which is at its peak in the interest of locals to get together for weekends.



Love brings sharing. In this little guide, I tried to share the places I love and believe that beloved by many Istanbullers too.

As it might be ethically wrong to write the exact names of the shops, bars, I just kept the areas' names. Those who want to learn more details, do not hesitate to send me your messages.

Hope some of you can enjoy the places above and get the local taste of the city. Looking forward to hear your feedbacks and experiences!