First Aid Training


by Seda  Ergin (Managing Director Assistant, Elektrabregenz Austria)



On the 24th and 25th of October 17 Elektrabregenz employees voluntarily participated a sixteen hours first aid training. Some of them had a first aid training many years ago, some of them maybe recently but at the end we all agreed, that it was a great idea and experience to do it again, because we learned a lot for our lives.

"The health of our employees is important!" With this motto we announced the start of a health offensive in Elektrabregenz. The first step of this project was the first aid training. The mere fact that two of three office colleagues voluntarily took part in this training shows that our employees place a great value on the health and wellbeing of their selves and others.

Also very beneficent was the content of the training, because it was adjusted to daily situations and rounded out with many practical exercises. When it comes to such an emergency situation, people often cannot remember detailed school-book information; if they never held a real defibrillator in their hands, they do not have any idea what to do with that. So when it comes to save human life, you cannot risk a situation like this.


Implementing a health and wellness program at work has incredible benefits both to the company and to the employees. The obvious and most important benefit is of course to have healthy and happy people for the world, which has not only effects in the work but also in the private lives of all. To know that your company appreciates you and attaches great importance to your health and happiness is one of the biggest motivators. People stay in the companies, where they fell comfortable, happy and appreciated; where the smell and the climate are positive. As we already know the organizational climate impacts the business results 30 %, we can highly improve the productivity of the workforce by implementing such a program.

The year 2015 will be a health year in Elektrabregenz. In the upcoming months there will be a full concept in all its facets as healthy eating, sports and information courses.

So, stay healthy until you hear again from us :)