"Pause&Play" Kart Racing


by Maria Durdynets (HR Specialist, Beko Ukraine)

Motivating an existing team which is stuck in a rut, helping a new group of employees get together, or finding a way to reward your staff for their hard work might sound like an easy task. However, when you start thinking about budgets, individual tastes, and the different age groups and sexes involved, finding the right activity can quickly become a major headache…


Who says business has to be all work and no play? Rather than renting out stuffy meeting space, we hosted our next corporate event at Karting “Need for Speed’ under our international slogan “Pause&Play”.


Kart Racing offered us the chance for our teams to discuss driver swap strategies and to cheer on their team mates while they battle for position.

Drivers were divided into groups, and each group completed a 10 minute practice session and a 10 minute qualifying session. Based on the results from the qualifying session, the top drivers advanced to the main event. In the main event, there were a 10 minute qualifying session that was scored by fastest lap time, and then drivers lined up on the starting grid according to their qualifying times.  The Challenge race format guaranteed all drivers 20 minutes of racing (Practice and Qualifying) and the top drivers an additional 10 minutes during the main event. The top 3 finishers received a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy.

The 1st place got our Sales Director, the 2nd one fell on our Supply Chain and Logistics Manager and Sales Specialist received the 3rd one.


After all, rewarding your employees to a corporate entertainment event is a fantastic way of thanking them for all their hard work.  Employees like to feel appreciated, and a night out with their colleagues and bosses is a great way for everyone to feel part of a team and that their contributions to the company haven’t gone unnoticed.

If your employees can have fun together in a social environment then it stands to reason that they will forge stronger working relationships with each other when back in the workplace.

It is very important to create sharing, entertaining, energetic, celebratory and surprising atmosphere when all of us gives a break during work time.

When employees become more comfortable around each other, they’re more likely to gain confidence that can shift the functionality of the workplace to something more positive and productive.

After the all the fun we had in Kart Racing competition, we had a lovely boat dinner with all the dancing and karaoke.


We all remember the old trust exercise where a friend falls and we’re supposed to catch them. Team building activities should bolster this kind of mentality and allow co-workers to break through their distrusts. Members of the team begin to view the office as a collective unit, rather than an autonomous group of individuals within a specific hierarchy.


I believe that giving our people a chance to truly relax is very important, as they no doubt deserve it.

It was a memorable event and a good occasion to share information and experiences after a very active game.