BEKO Elk Triathlon 2014, Poland


by Murat Gökalp (Manager - IT)



Triathlon is three disciplined sport. First part is swimming, then you take your bicycle and ride. Final part is running. In Olympic version of triathlon, swimming part is 1.5 km., bike part 40 Km. and last running part is 10 km. Fortunately, in this event , there is a relay version for amateurs who run only one part of the whole race.


Beko Poland has been the main sponsor of Elk Triathlon for 3 years. This year, a team from homeland of Beko joined relay part of this wonderful event. Mr. Deniz Erduran (Medical Doctor in Çayırova Plant) is a swimmer. But he has no swimming experience in lakes. Ms. Beril Başlıgil (finance specialist from Arçelik head office) is an ultra-marathon runner. 10 km. running is not her profession. And finally I am (Murat Gökalp, Software development manager from Arçelik head office) a bicycle tourer not a racer. 
June 7th Saturday was the first day of the event. The flight took long time we had expected and we were really tired but there was still ways to go to Elk from Warsaw. That means another 4 hours of travel by car. Our guide was 21 year-old young man Maciek. He was basketball player and drift car racer. 
First we have completed our registration process and took all necessary stuff (IDs, stickers, etc.) The event area was full of Beko flags, slides and other funny stuff for children and of course, refrigerators and dish washer not only for advertisement but also for games. 
Our hotel was 25 km. away from Elk. But it was so difficult to reach there because Maciek lost GPS signal and could not find the right way easily. As other part of Poland that we have seen, Elk region was very green and flat and has many small lakes in this beautiful landscape.
At the race day we got up early. Especially Mr. Deniz, as a swimmer, wanted to go and check the water condition before the start of the race. As we were getting there, we have seen the sprint class (half-length) race. 
Our team name was Beko Turkey. First, Mr. Deniz started. I was waiting for him to come to changing zone. After a while he came and tapped me than I started. After 7 tours on streets I returned to the changing zone. Then the final part was started. Ms. Beril completed 3 tours on course . Finish was very exciting. As Beril was running to the finish, there were three women in front of her. They were running together to the finish. Beril started to sprint and passed them just before the finish line. 
In general category, in 37 teams, Beko Turkey's rank is 29th. Among all Beko teams, we are 12th. Finally in the Best International Team category (which is created by Mr. Maciej Mienik :) ) we are "Number 1". 
We were so excited being in such a beautiful place and so happy to be a part of big Beko family. 
This is very big experience for three of us. Since I am not a racer, I am so proud to be here and proud to present my country in this amazing event.
Thanks to Mr. Fatih Ebiçlioğlu and Zafer Kaya for such a great opportunity to join this great Beko event and also Mr. Maciej Mienik for the organization of this great event. Finally thanks to our young friend Maciek for his great hospitality.