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by  Janice Montemayor ( Management Accountant, BEKO A and NZ Pty. LTd ) 

Differences in culture, race, and skin colour, these are just some of what BEKO Australia's multiracial manpower consists of. At present, we have about 11 nationalities that are working in this Arcelik's subsidiary which only started its operation on January 2012. In its two years of engagement, the company was able to employ TURKISH, AUSTRALIAN, KIWI, SOUTH AFRICAN, SRI LANKAN, FIJIAN, INDIAN, MALAYSIAN, SINGAPOREAN, WELSCH, and FILIPINO (that's me). If I am not mistaken this is the only subsidiary that is so diversified when it comes to its employees' nationalities. The company was able to give these people a chance to showcase their talents, represent their countries, and be a part of the ever growing family of Arcelik A.S. 

 Every one of us is born as a unique individual. We all do have different styles and abilities. We came from various parts of the world, grew up embracing different cultures and values, spoken a variety of languages, and learned from very different perspectives. But despite of all of that, it is amazing how we try to associate with people that are most likely our opposites. It is surprising to know that even very unsimilar people have those little connections, that when once bracketed will result to a very unusual and outstanding sum. These sum are the magnificent compilation of all the skills that our staffs have acquired, a tally of all the hard work and patience that all of us contributed, and the total for everything that we've put in and shared. These made our company strong enough to surpass another wonderful year, and it is just so fascinating to know that all of our efforts paid off. 
The diversified environment of Beko Australia has never created a hindrance in working together as a team. For a migrant like me who came from an Asian Country (Philippines), it is somehow alarming to know that I'll be working with people who all came from the other sides of the world. You can't help but think that there's going to be a competition about who's better, who's brighter, and many more, but in our case, here in BEKO Australia those kind of things didn't really exist. Everyone was given a chance to showcase their abilities and to put into the table whatever great skills they possess. My fear of being looked down and experience racism has vanished when I started working in this company. We all worked together as one, aiming for one goal, and that is success. We shared everything that we knew would help in putting up and making this happen and that's the main reason why we're now experiencing it. But most importantly, as time goes by we developed three of the most important fundamentals of all, which are love, respect, and camaraderie. Because of this, we were able to completely do our job and be our own versions of "best". 
In my one year and four months of employment in the company, I can say that love, respect and camaraderie were in every corner of our office. Yes there were annoying times like when AUSSIES and KIWIs keep having a go with each other about the Cricket/Rugby Game, or the TURKS never ending demands that will make me do overtime, or the SOUTH AFRICANS keep saying "YAH" instead of Yes. But even we have these not-so-good times, I believe good times are greater. And in simple ways you can always feel that love and respect is present in our company. A good example is whenever we hold our "Barbi Friday" .This is a sort of "tradition" here in Beko Australia, that being Australian means being fond of Barbeque parties, and so we hold it at least one Friday every quarter, sometimes it coincides with one of our staff's birthday or just welcoming of a new member .During these times, sets of food are prepared in RESPECT for some staffs who have different beliefs. Like having beef sausages instead of all pork sausages for our Muslim colleagues (Turkish and Indians generally do not eat pork) and as well preparing some vegetarian foods for Vegetarians. Simple ways, but for those who are considered means an embrace of a loving family. Through this "open minded" environment of BEKO Australia, no one is being left out and everyone could feel that they truly belong. This in return makes everyone happy and more productive. 
Friendship on the other hand is also a vital outcome that was not hindered or made impossible by being of different race. They say that the heart has its own language that even if people literally speak differently, their hearts communicate and understand each other and therefore creating camaraderie and good relationships. Black or white skinned; Tall or short; blonde or black haired; young or old, these are never reasons not to have a great Friendship. And here in BEKO Australia I found these people whom I cherish and dearly love, not only because I worked with them, but also they have touched my life in some personal ways with their loving and tender care. Even if this is a whole new world for me because I left my home country to live and work here in Australia, with them I feel a real HOME away from home. 
And of course I will never forget the man behind all the success of our company, our managing director, Mike Goadby. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for giving me a chance to work in this wonderful company. It is his ideals to recruit people who are of good personality and can mingle well with other people. He didn't care of what origin they were, as I remember him saying during my interview with him "Skills and abilities can be learned and developed through time, but good personality and individuality cannot". 
As a newly established subsidiary, we can proudly say that we have surpassed and braved all of the initial challenges and journey in this country. BEKO brands have already got into Australia's households and served its mission which is to make our customers' everyday life easier.  Soon our brand, if not the number one, will be one of the largest and well-known brands in this country. This is not impossible for our products were great and the foundation of our workforce is too strong, well attached, and united. As a line from one of my favourite books say: 
"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided." 
This is really true for our company, we have attained success because of our unity, and even if we have this diversified environment, our focus is unified and that focus is only gearing towards success. Kudos to BEKO Australia! 
Tessekur Ederim! 
Janice Montemayor 
Management Accountant 
BEKO A and NZ Pty. LTd