Sevinç Mert

Sevinç Mert

R&D Technician


"Innovation" is described in the Oslo Manual published by OECD and Eurostat as "application of a new or significantly changed product (goods or service) or process; a new marketing method or a new organizational method in business, workplace organization or external relations".

Innovation is applicable to any area in life, it exists everywhere you live. You can use innovation while you are designing a product as well as while raising a child. You can use it in Human Resources, Finance, Production, etc. and bring a new viewpoint. In today's World, innovation is already on its way to become a lifestyle. One needs to be pioneering in this manner in order to win.

I could finally attend the "Innovation Week" event, which I could not go for four years, on December 3rd, Thursday. It was a remarkable experience.

The event, where Arçelik was one of the main sponsors, was pleasing with all the speechmakers, attending companies, displayed products and the organization.

As an employee from Arçelik R&D department, we immediately started looking for our company's stand. After encountering familiar faces and getting the warm feeling, we tasted the delicious coffee from our cartidge Turkish Coffee machine. When the time of Mr. Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu's talk came, we moved on to the conference hall.

Sometimes, you perceive someone else's pride at the stage because of the feeling of belonging to your company, even though you do not know that someone in person. This is exactly what happened to us. The speech of Mr. Ebiçlioğlu was beautiful and proud. While the innovative products, services and social responsibility projects of our company were shared with the whole crowd and everybody applouded; our inner voice was saying: "Yes, I am a part of this team. I do my work with love!".

So, how were the Arçelik stands recieved by the guests?

Our stands were busy and crowded at all times. Especially our displays of "Innovative Health Solutions" and "Cartidge Turkish Coffee Machine" were very interesting for the visitors.

The watch displayed at the "Innovative Health Solutions" stand was really based on the needs of the costumer and proposed solutions. Many customers asked the price of the watch and where they could get it.

This watch is really smart and nice. It works in connection with your smartphone through an application. It can measure heart rate, blood pressure, EKG and heart stress age; these results can be instantaneously displayed on your mobile phone, as well as sent to you with e-mail.

Measurement results recieved through e-mail


The design of SELAMLIQUE Cartidge Turkish Coffee Machine was found quite interesting by the visitors.

Although we were really tired at the end of the day, it was an event where lots of information was shared and new things were learnt. Of course, we offered ourselves another coffee from the Cartidge Turkish Coffee Machine to relieve our exhaustion.

We do our work with LOVE. May LOVE always be with you in your lives!