Participating at the IFA, one of the worlds largest electronics and electrical household goods fairs, this year again with its global brands Beko and Grundig, Arcelik A.Ş. brought together its latest technological innovations with the technology-fans at its exclusively designed booth. While Beko demonstrates its products, pioneering in energy efficiency, equipped with user friendly features, high technology and elegant design, on the other hand Grundig presents the dynamic world of the future electronic house hold appliances to the appreciation of the visitors.

Levent Çakıroğlu, IFA Fuarı Çamaşır Makinesi Standı

Having met with visitors from more that 100 countries, Beko, using the slogan "Inspired by Nature", demonstrates products which are smart, use resources in an efficient way, environmentally friendly and designed in a way to make the day-to-day life even easier. Beko, in its booth area, which doubled in size with respect to the previous year and attracted attention with its elegant design, exceeded the expectations of the consumers with lots of new and pioneering products with hygiene, food preservation, cooking, washing and drying technologies. Beko impress with its refrigerators with NeoFrost™ cooling 2 times more and providing humidity 2 times more and with Everfresh+® compartment providing freshness up to 30 days; washing machines with “Prosmart Invertor Motor" providing lower noise levels and higher energy savings, CoolHygiene® technology providing excellent hygiene even at 20°C and 70% energy saving; dishwashers with Auto GlassShield® technology extending the usable life of the glasses 20-fold more and cooking devices with elegant accessories providing a perfect cooking experience.  
This year at the IFA Fair, Grundig presents a wide product range containing series from consumer electronics technologies, personal care products, small household appliances and white goods. Especially attracting attention with various Ultra HD TV alternatives within the range of 48-65 inches this year, the brand presents refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and dryers equipped with pioneering in energy efficiency and brand new smart features to the appreciation of the technology fans. Grundig makes a difference with its remotely controlled smart white goods; washing machines, ovens and hoods - a concept product trilogy - that can be controlled via buttonless projection light, and the the VUX (Visual User Experience) technology. Kitchen appliances attracting attention with their colored designs, innovative ironing systems and hair and beauty products are amongst the other products that are distinguished. Grundig's new hair stylers are demonstrated together with the modern and feminen fashion designs of the German fashion design brand holyGhost. While visitors of the booth have the chance to give attracting models to their hairs with these products, on the other hand they attend the cooking workshop in Grundig kitchen with Chief Mirko, known also for his German TV shows.  
Levent Çakıroğlu, IFA Fuarı Beko Mutfak

Levent Çakıroğlu, President of Koç Holding Durable Goods and Arçelik A.Ş. CEO visited the Beko and Grundig booths together with the press members. Mentioning his gratitude for attending the IFA with Beko and Grundig brands that are strengthening their positions with their international successes, Cakıroğlu gave some comments regarding both brands.
Levent Çakıroğlu IFA Fuarı
Levent Çakıroğlu: “We have become the second biggest white goods company in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region, which represents half of the world market."
Stating that Arcelik A.Ş. has been Turkey's leading, and Europe's third biggest white goods company, Levent Çakıroğlu, President of Koç Holding Durable Goods  and Arcelik A.S General Manager said that they had become the second biggest white goods company in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region, which represented half of the world market. Çakıroğlu also said: "Based on first quarter results of 2014, we managed to increase our market share in the countries that we have operations and also increased the ratio of the high technology products within the total sales and in line with this increased our price index; strengthen our brands' position."
Levent Çakıroğlu
"Beko is the fastest growing brand of Europe in the last 7 years."
Stating that Beko, the global brand of Arcelik A.Ş., was the brand that increased its market share most in the last 7 years, Cakiroglu said Beko had continued to be the 2nd biggest white goods brand of Europe during the first half of 2014.
"Beko increased its market share in Germany more than 2-fold in the last 5 years."
Said that Beko was the fastest growing brand of the German market, the biggest white goods market of Europe, in the last 5 years with a more than 2-fold market growth.
"Our new logo is the start of an exciting period of our brand voyage."
President of Koç Holding Durable Goods Group and General Manager of Arçelik A.Ş.  Levent Çakıroğlu said that the new Beko logo, of which main launch was made in the IFA Fair, had been representing the dynamic and ever-innovative characteristic of the brand. Stating that the new logo had been a part of the global brand project named "Change For the Better", Çakıroğlu said: "Our new logo is the new start of a new period of the brand voyage with the aim of reaching the better and pioneering the change. No matter where our success stories begin, each and every one of them starts with our inspiration to keep on changing for the better. And human is the base of this inspiration. Thus, for more than 60 years and now; behaviors, enthusiasms and energy of the humans has been our inspiration. This spirit always provided and will always provide eagerness to Beko."
Grundig Televizyon
"Grundig, the first brand remembered when mentioning consumer electronics in Germany"
Stated that Grundig has been one of the most precious brands of Arcelik A.S. brand portfolio, Çakıroğlu said that the brand had been continued to increase its strength steadily with each passing year. Çakıroğlu stated that the Grundig had been the first brand remembered in consumer electronics in Germany, the biggest market of Europe, and said "While the German TV market is on stall during the first 7 months of 2014 Grundig has managed to grow by 20% in line with its profitable and sustainable growth strategy."  
"For the last five years, we have been the only Turkish company managed to enter the top 200 of the World Patent League."
Saying that the technology and innovation capability enabling designing and manufacturing products suitable for every market had an critical importance to reach the global markets, Çakıroğlu added: "More than 1000 employees at 8 R&D centers in Turkey and R&D office ın Taiwan develop pioneering leading and unique technologies that will bring our Company to the forefront in our industry.  Innovation at our company is triggered by the technological developments, our R&D operations as well as our market analyses. We analyze the habits and life styles of the consumers in different geographies on site; we also examine the innovative ideas in order to develop products and services that will meet the expectations and demand the needs, even that will go beyond that. We look for innovation in all our process. We can create difference thanks to innovative solutions that we develop in each stage. We attach importance to the protection of our intellectual rights while developing new technologies.  One third of all international patent applications from Turkey belongs to Arçelik A.Ş. For the last five years, we have been the only Turkish company managed to enter the top 200 of the World Patent League.
"Arçelik A.Ş. managed to build strong global brands in 21st century with its energy and water efficient products, with its sustainability principle which had been based on for all of its activities and with its long standing corporate values."
Levent Çakıroğlu participated the "IFA International Keynote", held within the scope of the fair, as a speaker. At his speech titled “Building a global brand and a successful business in the 21st century.” that he has made on the first day of the fair, Çakıroğlu emphasized the importance of continuous evolution and improvement towards the better.  Mentioning especially about the roles of new technologies and Internet at the rapidly-evolving world order, Çakıroğlu expressed the challenges that the countries, communities and companies face while trying to balance the claims increasing with economic growth and development. Stating that the natural sources are running out rapidly as the result of these changes, Çakıroğlu underlined the importance of the efficient use of sources like energy, water and food and of the fight with climate change. Having expressed that the success of the companies is not only based on the financial results at this evolving world, but corporate behaviors and social effect the company has created are the factors that establish the reputation of the company as well, Çakıroğlu said: "Within the frame of its vision 'Respectful to the World, Respected in the World', Arcelik managed to build strong global brands in 21st century with its technology, innovation, quality, design and brand oriented business model which had prioritized the customers, with its high energy and water efficient products, with its sustainability principle which had been based on for all of its activities and with its long standing corporate values."
Tülin Karabük
Tülin Karabük: "Beko is a global brand that meets the needs of different consumers in a very wide geography and that increases the quality of daily life"
Stating that Beko draws more attention day by day with its presence at IFA every year, Tülin Karabük, Arcelik A.Ş. Assistant General Manager responsible from Marketing , said that they have doubled the Beko booth space at the fair, compared to the previous year. Karabük expressed that they have taken a part with products which are smart, use resources in an efficient way, are environmentally friendly and are designed in a way to make the day-to-day life even easier at the Beko booth space of 2 thousand 606 meters, using the slogan "Inspired by Nature". Saying that Beko always acts with innovation approach and is strengthened day by day thanks to its high quality, elegant design, convenience, wide distribution network and strong post-marketing services, Karabük expressed that Beko was a global brand that met the needs of different consumers in a very wide geography and that increased the quality of daily life.
Mentioning that they believed every individual contributed to the positive evolution of the world and the improvement could be made possible together with people hand-in-hand, Karabük stated that the nature, people and especially the new generation were the greatest influence of Beko. Karabük went on saying: "Beko is influenced by the evolving needs and life styles of people and always provides the best and the most advantageous solutions to them with every new product. This is why Beko gives an ear to millions of consumers that have spread to more than 100 countries and develops various smart solutions to meet the needs for different people, different cultures and different lifestyles".
"We are making difference at IFA with our products which are energy-efficient and include our innovative solutions we offer to consumers"
Giving information about the innovative products and technologies that Beko promoted at IFA trade fair, Karabük stated that products equipped with state-of-art technology, each of which have an elegant design, met with the visitors at the fair, and went on saying: "Out of the products and technologies of our Beko brand that come to forefront at the fair, one the is new wardrobe type refrigerator at A+++ group, which is the highest energy efficiency group. This product of us also include the new NeoFrost™ cooling technology that keeps the inside humidity at an optimum level by increasing it up to 90 per cent. Besides, the product can preserve the freshness of the food at its special compartment named Everfresh+® for up to 30 days. Another innovative and extraordinary product of us is Prosmart Invertor Motor which consumes less energy and runs with a low sound level. Our new-technology washing machines that make it possible to obtain hygiene even at 20°C with its environment-friendly CoolHygiene®, and Auto GlassShield®  technology which increases the service lives of glassware 20 times in our dishwashers are also included in other leading products and technologies we have exhibited at the fair. The products we have been exhibiting are making difference both with their energy-efficiencies and the innovative solutions we offer to consumers".
Stating that the design area is especially focused at the Beko booth of this year that has spread to a wide area, Tülin Karabük said: "Exclusive built-in series named 'CAST' as well as contemporary, elegant and user-friendly cooking system Luminist® make a strong impression with the unique flame effects at the heads of cooker".  Karabük, expressing that the visitors of Beko booth at the fair will be amazed by interesting activities, went on saying: "World-wide known chef Gregor Raimann will perform cooking shows by using Beko products, also with the participation of the visitors. Moreover, our visitors will actively take a proactive part in the creative workshops for 6 days and participate in inspiring activities at our space called 'Inspiration Campus'".
Murat Şahin
Murat Şahin: Grundig is the only supplier in Europe, which has products at all categories of house electronics"
Giving information about Grundig products exhibited at IFA, Murat Şahin, Arçelik A.Ş. Country Manager of Germany and The General Manager of Grundig Multimedia& Beko Deutschland GmbH, said: "Grundig has completed its conversion journey from a consumer electronics company to household electronics company ssuccessfully Improvements at each product category are very favorable. For consumer electronics, we continue focusing on our Ultra HD technologies by expanding our portfolio rapidly. We reached important growth values with a 20% increase as a result of our TV sales in a market which is on stall for the first half of 2014. We are one of the first 5 TV suppliers of Germany with a market share of 8%."
Grundig Televizyon
“UHD Future technology”
Referring to the innovations in the field of TV, Şahin summed up Grundig's strategy of creating perfect TV experience saying that: "Our new TV series with ultra HD technology are more than a normal television. With 4K UHD image resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel and Image Correction capacity of 800 Hz, our customers can see the images with a reality as never before. Along with our Ultra HD TVs with screen diagonal dimensions ranging between 48 and 65 inches we support this screening experience with the best audio performance possible.  DTS (Digital Theater Systems Inc.) audio technology and powerful speakers offer a rich audio experience. Drawing attention with aesthetic images, cabin design of our new UHD TVs are made with aluminum materials.
Stating that UHD televisions will change the whole TV market Sahin said, "We think this technology is an innovation of which customers can see the benefits easily. As is the case with 3D, you don't need to wear glasses to experience the perfect image quality. Though UHD broadcast content in cablecasts are not too much, cameras with internet services and Ultra HD resolution will prove the importance of this televisions."
“NFC(Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth are the most important technologies for portable music experience”
Expressing that much more people are aware of the benefits of digital radio and success of DAB+ feature day by day, Sahin stated that DAB+ is this popular because of the superior audio quality and channel diversity. Stating that the music radio is drawing attention day by day thanks to access to more than 20.000 stations and international music channels, Sahin said, "With digital radio stations and internet radio, Grundig has become one of the leading providers of this field.  Bluetooth speakers has started to gain importance thanks to the fact that users loading their music to smart phones or tablets. Also with smart audio connections like Bluetooth and NFC users can listen to their music at full blast and with perfect quality.”
“Grundig is provider of all kinds of electronical household appliances now”
Reminding that Grundig has promoted the white goods series in Germany last year, Şahin said power of the brand stems from quality and reliability of it and continues his speech, "Grundig has become the provider of a wide range of electrical household appliances from consumer electronics to small house appliances in Europe.  The technology, ease of use and special designs which we offer in our television, audio systems, personal care products and lastly in white goods series reflect the values of our brand and address the needs of customers. Grundig is the only European brand which has a this wide range of products." Emphasizing the environment-friendly technologies Şahin said, “We exhibit the difference of our products in the field of energy efficiency in IFA. Superior technologies which we developed for our “EcoChamp®” product series save not just on energy but also on water and detergent."
"Our Small Household Appliances is a unique combination of the concepts of beauty, fashion and design"
Saying that Grundig brand won the appreciation of the consumers with its time-independent design and simplicity, Şahin said: "Grundig products have been carrying today's contemporary lines and also designed with a time-independent approach and give the impression of a new design even years later." Şahin also said that Grundig's new kitchen appliances brought a new touch to the modern houses with its colors and added that personal care products, irons and vacuum cleaners were amongst the important innovations of this year's IFA. Indicated the exclusive work bringing together the latest fashion trends with the hair stylers in cooperation with the German textile brand holyGhost, Sahin said that the visitors could watch the fashion show of the models, of whom hairs had been styled with Grundig Hair Stylers, at the Grundig booth.
"Taking the Technology Sponsorship of Bundesliga for Grundig is an important investment"
Stating that taking the technology sponsorship of German Bundesliga was an important investment, Şahin said "When we signed this contract in 2011, our target was to provide a strong visibility to our brand in both local and international arena. From that time our brand gained visibility in more than 200 countries with Bundesliga matches." Indicated that, they had been giving importance to supporting local football clubs as a social responsibility project, Şahin added: "Keeping this in mind, we had the Nürnberg Stadium's naming rights and revived our historical partnership with the FC Nürnberg. Therefore increased our visibility in German football.
Finally, 2 weeks before the IFA Fair, we signed a new collaboration agreement with Borussia Dortmund (BVB), one of the most successful football clubs of Germany, with our Grundig brand and UHD TV technology.  From now on the team's stadium will be equipped with Grundig FullHD and UHD screens. With these actions Grundig not only strengthen its connection with the football but also underlines its expertise in the technology field."
1. Simply ingenious, ingeniously simple: versatile cooking pleasure with new ovens and hobs from Beko
With its new, smart kitchen heroes, Beko is offering maximised cooking convenience for everyone. Ovens, hobs and corresponding accessories assist you in preparing your favourite tasty foods, and their smart features and modern design mean cooking is even more fun for you.
OIM 39601 X: CookMaster® oven with PizzaPro® function


Bella Italia in your own four walls: with the new CookMaster® built-in oven from Beko, you can enjoy authentically Italian-style pizzas at home. The OIM 39601 X offers not only a pizza stone, but also an option for setting the particularly high temperature you need for baking. This makes the pizza base exceptionally crisp and delicious. Other foods, too, can be quickly and easily prepared in the generously dimensioned, 75-litre interior. Thanks to the six different shelf heights, even a generous feast for friends and family is no problem at all: side-dishes and roasts can be cooked simultaneously on up to five different sheets. 6 different shelf levels which make possible to cook 100 cookies at once.
Smart installation and flexible cooking with the HII 64500 FTX
With four cooking zones and slide-touch sensor buttons for simple control with a swipe of your finger, the Beko HII 64500 FTX flex-induction hob offers hobby cooks maximised user-friendliness. The Indyflex® function enables you to link the cook zones on the left-hand side to form a large cooking zone, enabling roasters, large pans or pots to be easily accommodated. Users have 19 settings available for ultra-accurate cooking of meat, fish, etc. The integrated induction technology, moreover, ensures fast and resource-economical cooking, since the energy feed is directed rigorously onto the electromagnetic bottoms of the pots. Efficiency is also the salient feature of Beko’s new installation technology, which enables built-in hobs like the HII 64500 FTX to be fixed in the work surface with significantly less handling. The construction of the hob is fitted with a system of mounted spring elements for this purpose. This means the hob can be installed without any additional aids in around five seconds – which is a whole lot faster than with conventional installation techniques. Thanks to this new, smart technology, Beko’s customers can now hone their culinary skills even faster.
Luminist®:   Discovering the art of cooking
Trendy and user-friendly: that’s the Luminist® cooker system, which combines sophisticated design standards, highest functionality and aesthetic flame effects at the burner heads. For its ingenious design, the Luminist® has already been honoured with the prestigious “IF Product Design Award”. Besides the visual appeal, making this product as user friendly as possible was of utmost importance for Beko. Safety has likewise been prioritised: a smart LED indicator system shows users which part of the hob is currently active. Acoustic and optical alarm signals provide additional protection.
Smart kitchen accessories for a healthy life
Thanks to Beko, you can cook and bake like a professional at home as well. You can prepare delicious, healthy meals using Beko’s steam cooking accessory. Here, you pour water into the Steamhealth™ accessory, and heat it up in the oven. The rising steam flows through vegetables and meat, which in this way are gently cooked and remain rich in vitamins.
You can conjure up oven-fresh bread to suit your own individual tastes in next to no time using the BreadBox from Beko. The rotation feature ensures that the dough is baked all the way round. Thanks to the non-stick interior surface, the crisp loaf can be simply extracted on completion, and the container cleaned with uncomplicated ease.
Deep-fried foods, too, like chips, spring rolls or doughnuts, can be gently and simply prepared: using HomeFries™. There’s something rather special here, too: all you need is one spoonful of oil – ten times less than with conventional modes of preparation.
2. Beko’s new washing heroes: Gentle, eco-friendly, hygienic and clean
Whether it’s blouses, trousers or shirts: fresh, clean laundry enhances everybody’s sense of well-being, and contributes to a smart appearance. Beko’s new washing machines ensure gentle, fibre-deep cleaning of your favourite piece of clothing – thanks to smart innovative features like the CoolHygiene® with Hygiene-20 °C programme.
WMY 81449 PTB1: an energy efficient appliance from the EcoSmart series
For anyone who attaches great importance to washing laundry with a maximum of functionality and efficiency, the new Beko WMY 81449 PTB1 washing machine is an ideal choice. This appliance from the EcoSmart series is 60 percent more efficient than comparable appliances in energy efficiency class A+++.
Due to its innovative AquaFusion® technology, the amount of detergent can be optimally utilized, and detergent loss can be reduced to a minimum during water absorption. Be it silk, wool or cotton washes: The Aquawave® drum with 8 kg capacity provides the ultimate care for the laundry.
Thanks to 16 available programmes, the washing process can be adjusted and thus optimally adapted to individual needs, offering a maximum of flexibility. The machine also has a large user-friendly white LC display. The extra-large loading diameter simplifies loading and unloading of the appliance.
WMY 81243 PTKB1: CoolHygiene® 20°C : a perfect and hygienic washing results – even at 20°C as approved by VDE. This also helps you save 70% more on energy.*
With its new WMY 81243 PTKB1 washing machine, Beko is showcasing an extremely quiet assistant for everyday life. The appliance has a loading capacity of 8 kg. With a noise level of 45 dB(A) when washing and 66 dB(A) when spinning with a variable speed of up to 1,200 rotations per minute (rpm), the WMY 81243 PTKB1 is one of the quietest machines on the market. This result is achieved thanks to the innovative Prosmart Inverter Motor™ technology and the use of special suspension system and low-vibration side-wall design. The washing machine is             3 times quitter than average noise level at washing cycle comparing the certain** model.
The washing machine also offers some additional smart features: with the CoolHygiene® 20°C programme, bacteria and germs are removed from the laundry, even when washed at just 20 degrees Celsius. The laundry becomes fibre-deep clean. The successful effectiveness of this innovative Beko technology has already been approved by the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE). The washing machine works at energy efficiency class A+++, thus protecting the users’ purse.
* Compared to hygiene program.
**product has UMDC motor for 7kg capacity @1400 rpm
WMY 71643 PTLE: high spin drying efficiency at low energy consumption
With a capacity of 7 kg and a variable spin speed of up to 1,600 rpm, Beko’s new WMY 71643 PTLE washing machine is a compact washing machine. The new appliance works with energy efficiency class A+++.
Due to the extra-large porthole geometry, the machine can be loaded and unloaded comfortably. A user-friendly, white LCD-display allows for easy handling. Part of the 16 available programmes is the innovative Automatic programme. Users only need to put the sorted laundry in the drum. Additional sensors in the washing machine automatically determine the type and amount of laundry. Based on this analysis, the machine chooses the best wash course accordingly.
WMY 121244 LB1: spacious machine with ProSmart Drive Motor™ for large amounts of laundry
Beko’s new WMY 121244 LB1 washing machine is ideally suited for families or households with large amounts of laundry. The extra-large drum with a volume capacity of 12 kg is powered by the highly efficient Prosmart Drive Motor™. It is designed to perform eight different drum motions under super-quiet operation and at high energy efficiency. The special trick: The motor delivers power directly to the drum. This minimizes the vibrations and extends the motor life. Express programmes are accompanied by specialty settings such as the Woolmark-Blue certified wool programme or the silk programme.
All-rounder: Eco-friendly washing and drying with WDA 96144 H
The new washer-dryer WDA 96144 H offers a capacity of 9 kg for washing and 6 kg for drying. Like its predecessors, the appliance is equipped with the eco-friendly Direct Air Technology: During the drying cycle, cold air is taken in from the outside, ensuring condensation of the moist and warm air inside the dryer. Thus, not only is the energy efficiency class A, is reduced by ten percent, but the water consumption is also reduced by up to 80 percent.
The WDA 96144 H also scores highly with users in terms of time savings: thanks to the Wash&Wear® feature, clean washing and drying is possible in just 55 minutes (at a loading capacity of 1 kg). The self-cleaning condenser also relieves users from the bothersome removing of fluff from the filter.
The BabyProtect+® programme provides fibre-deep clean and hygienic laundry, especially for baby clothes and people with allergies.
3. “Tender loving care” for cups and plates: gentle washing with new energy-efficient dishwashers from Beko
Dishwashers make housework a whole lot easier. Mountains of dirty cups and plates are now a thing of the past in many households, thanks to these convenient helpmates. Many users attach high importance not only to clean dishes but also to fast installation of a built-in dishwasher, gentle washing, and efficient utilisation of power and water.
New door spring technology for built-in dishwashers
The fully integratable DIN 6834 FX30 dishwasher is one of the selected models that are fitted with the innovative SelFit™ door spring technology. The special spring mechanism adjusts itself automatically to the weight of the kitchen front concerned, and balances it to optimum effect, ensuring that the door remains motionless in any desired open position, which makes it enormously easier to handle in actual use. This technology is suitable for furniture fronts weighing up to 9 kg.
Perfect cleanliness thanks to AquaFlex®
But the DIN 6834 FX30 dishwasher has a lot more to offer. Thanks to the innovative AquaFlex® programme, fine china, pans, glasses and even plastic dishes can be washed simultaneously in a single machine cycle with cleaning and drying class A. The ingenious trick here is the use of different water pressures inside the machine. In the upper section of the dishwasher, a low water pressure is used, so that glasses and fine china are washed gently. In the lower section, the water pressure is up to 3 times higher – ideal for cleaning plates, pots and pans with caked-on or severe dirt.
Another practical feature is the flexibly designed interior, which is also perfectly illuminated by the inside lighting. Thanks to a height-adjustable top basket and a removable drawer, even quite large items can be easily accommodated. The low noise emission during operation of only 43 dB(A) is almost inaudible, so that it is difficult to tell whether the washing programme is still running or has finished its job. So that users are kept continuously informed of the current status, the DIN 6834 FX30 is fitted with the LedSpot™ operating display. A red indicator light at the bottom informs you whether the washing programme is still running or the dishes can be removed. And with the highest energy efficiency class of A+++, the DIN 6834 FX30 is no burden at all on the family budget.
DFN 71046 X30: top of the class in terms of energy consumption
As a product of the EcoSmart line, the DFN 71046 X30 stand-alone dishwasher is particularly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It operates ten percent more economically than a comparable appliance of energy efficiency class A+++. This is the result of innovative solutions, like the unique aluminium insulation (Alumination™) for example, which keeps energy and heat inside the dishwasher. The patented “Effective Drying” system by Beko also works to effectively and sustainably optimise the drying process, thereby significantly contributing to the energy efficiency of the new appliance. This is environmentally-friendly and saves money. As part of the “Eco-Smart” line this dishwasher also impresses with its economical sophistication. At the end of the rinsing cycle the dishwasher door opens automatically, thereby speeding up the drying process. The customer therefore not only profits from the energy saving of 10 percent, but also has completely dry dishes, which can be used again instantly.
DIN 5933 FX: gleaming glasses with the Auto GlassShield® technology
For lovers of precious glasses and glass dishes, Beko’s DIN 5933 FX built-in dishwasher is the ideal everyday helpmate. Thanks to the tried-and-tested Auto GlassShield® technology, the dishwasher cleans glassware perfectly and gently. Glass corrosion is reduced, and the glasses’ useful lifetime prolonged. For this purpose, the water’s hardness is determined automatically with the aid of a built-in sensor, and its distribution set to an optimum level. Tests conducted by the technical inspectorate TRLP (TÜV Rheinland LGA GmbH) have shown that a glass’s lifetime is prolonged twenty times over by Beko’s Auto GlassShield® technology in comparison to using conventional standard dishwashers. Nine variable washing programmes for every situation and requirement round off the user-friendly features.
4. Smart, efficient, slim design: Beko showcases new fridge freezers
The new fridge-freezers from Beko, the household appliance brand, ensure more freshness in your home: with smart features like the NeoFrostTM technology, the EverFresh® technology and ice-cube making at the touch of a button, these appliances are enrichment for every household. The new fridge-freezers from Beko,   help to reduce consumers long-term electric bills thanks to their high energy-efficiency.
Low energy consumption with the CS 137160 X
A new smart-saver in Beko’s product portfolio is the CS 137160 X fridge-freezer: it is 30 percent more efficient than an A+++ appliance. With a slimmed-down design and a volume of 365 litres, the CS 137160 X is the ideal helpmate for every household.
Newcomer GN 163040 X A+++ with Prosmart Inverter Compressor™ technology
The new Side-by-Side model GN 163040 X is the best in its class: A+++, the appliance ranks in the highest energy-efficiency class. The resultantly low power consumption means not only long-term financial savings for the consumers, but also reduced environmental impact. What’s more, the appliance scores highly with the new, innovative Prosmart Inverter Compressor™ technology: it reduces the appliance’s energy consumption by up to 25 percent – while maintaining a consistently low noise level. Moreover optimum temperature stability provides improved conservation of your food.
GN 163230 QX: Side-by-Side with coolness factor


A new minimalist design and an integrated cold-water and ice-cube dispenser are the salient features of the Side-by-Side model GN 163230 QX.
Lovers of ice-cooled drinks will get full value for money here: the ice maker produces around 80 grams of ice in 10 minutes.
This fridge-freezer is also fitted with a user-friendly touch-control display, on which the desired cooling temperature can be accurately set.
Active Fresh Blue Light feature: a special light source in the vegetable drawer, which maintains the vitamin content of your fruit and vegetables significantly longer periods, at the same time keeping them crisp for longer.
- NeoFrost™:  the new generation of No Frost Technology. Two separate cooling systems for two different functions; 2 times faster cooling and 2 times more moisture


The new, innovative NeoFrostTM technology also helps your food stay fresh for longer: it subsumes the NoFrost technology, which prevents ice from forming in the freezer section, and in conjunction with the automatic defrosting feature helps to save additional electricity. What’s more, there are two cooling circuits operating independently of each other in the fridge and freezer sections. This separation prevents any possibility of odour transfer between the two sections, ensures a more stable air temperature inside the appliance and also maintains an appropriate level of moisture in the fridge section.
DN 162230 DJIZX: HomeCream® For Ice Cream Lovers and EverFresh® technology
The DN 162230 DJIZX fridge-freezer is a veritable all-round talent. Thanks to the integrated EverFresh® technology, fruit and vegetables stay fresh for up to five days longer. This is achieved by precise temperature control and regulation of the humidity inside the fridge. In support, the DN 162230 DJIZX is also equipped with the Active Fresh Blue Light technology and the NeoFrostTM technology.
- HomeCream® Function: Lets you enjoy healthy and freshly homemade icecream – in your very own home. Simply choose your favourite flavour and a specially cooled compartment inside the refrigerator will mix the ice cream, making every one’s childhood dream come true. What’s more, it can be used as a ShockFreeze compartment.
One of the most exciting features is the HomeCream® function, which enables all icecream-lovers to make their own summertime refreshments with refreshing ease. Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or fruity flavours: you can give full rein to your creative imagination.
The extra-large interior, measuring 611 litres, provides plenty of space for storing your ingredients. The product has also won the Red Dot Award for 2014.
Freshness boost thanks to EverFresh+® technology in CN 158230 ZX


An optimal household helpmate for freshness-lovers and busy cooks: Beko’s CN 158230 ZX fridge-freezer with NeoFrostTM technology. With a gross volume of 580 litres, the appliance offers plenty of room for foods and beverages.
- EverFresh+® Technology: With the help of precise humidity control using air channels, condensation on fruit and vegetables is minimised and their lifetime extended – up to 30 days freshness, powered by NeoFrost™.
Thanks to the innovative EverFresh+® crisper technology, fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresh for significantly longer, with moisture loss and temperature differentials between the vegetable compartments being adjusted for. The integrated Active Ioniser provides vital support for natural freshness inside the fridge. The ion technology creates an antibacterial microclimate: the cooling air circulating inside the appliance remains pure at all times, in turn enabling the food concerned to stay fresh for longer.
The energy-efficient, economical LED interior lighting, an electronic touch-control display and an elegant stainless steel surface with a fingerprint-free coating round off this family-friendly appliance.
5. “Like a Whisper”: Beko’s new quiet, eco-friendly dryer generation
A peaceful home as a personal sanctuary: with Beko’s dryers, this dream is now within reach. The new appliances operate at a particularly low noise level. At the same time, the latest models are characterized by energy-efficiency, resource-saving features and high user-friendliness.
Particularly quiet assistant in everyday life: the DCY 8502 GXB1
With a noise level of only 60 dB(A) in the standard cupboard dry programme for cottons and 58 dB(A) in the night programme, the new DCY 8502 GXB1 condenser dryer is one of the quietest appliances on the market. It was also awarded “A” class sound quality by the testing and certification institute SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH. As part of Beko’s latest condenser tumble dryer generation, it benefits from the innovative Prosmart Inverter Motor™ technology and improved insulation.
The additional features contribute to the user-friendliness of the condenser dryer. The DCY 8502 GXB1 is equipped with a symbol LCD display with soft on and off buttons and an acoustic signal. 16 sensor-controlled settings including the Woolmark certified wool drying programme ensure high user flexibility. The Aquawave® stainless steel drum has a capacity of 8 kilograms. An LED drum light makes loading and unloading of the appliance a lot easier.
Heat-pump dryer DPY 8505 GXB1 protects ears and purse


Beko’s new heat-pump dryer DPY 8505 GXB1 offers two outstanding features: thanks to the innovative Prosmart Inverter Motor™ technology and advanced insulation, users benefit from a very low noise level of 61 dB(A). Moreover, the dryer ranks in energy efficiency class A++, resulting in an economical average annual consumption of only 230 kWh at 8 kg of laundry. Like the condenser dryer DCY 8502 GXB1 of the same generation, the DPY 8505 GXB1 features an LCD Display, 16 sensor-controlled settings to choose from and an Auto-Anti-Creasing option, leading to a minimum of ironing. The LED drum light makes loading and unloading of the appliance easier.
Eco-friendly heat-pump tumble dryer DPY 8507 GXB1 is 10 per cent more energy-efficient than A+++


With the heat-pump tumble dryer DPY 8507 GXB1; Beko presents a new model of its EcoSmart series. The laundry not only dries quickly but also energy-efficiently. Thanks to the improved integrated heat-pump system and ultra-efficient air system design with its Inverter Compressor technology, the appliance even manages to outperform a comparable product in the highest energy efficiency class A+++ by ten percent. Furthermore , this technology provides  quick and silent  options with  certain programmes  .This appliance from Beko’s latest generation of tumble dryers is equipped with the biometrically designed Aquawave® drum.
Quiet dryer for smart savers due to a highly efficient heat-pump system
The DPY 8506 GXB1 is another cost-cutter from Beko’s EcoSmart series. The appliance ranks in energy efficiency class A+++, thanks to the improved heat-pump system and the innovative “Prosmart Inverter Motor™”. A wide range of specialty programmes, such as wool, quiet or express-options, offer a maximum of user-friendliness comfort. The highest condensation efficiency class “A”   maintains comfort in your house. Using the DPY 8506 GXB1 at late hours is also no problem: the noise level does not rise above 62 dB(A) in the night programme, and thus ensures a peaceful night for all residents. A white LCD-display, the energy-saving "Auto-off"-feature for standby functions after completing drying and 16 programmes underline the appliance’s high level of operating convenience.
The new Grundig Bluetooth loudspeaker GSB 200
The fourth member of Grundig’s team of ultra-compact Bluetooth loudspeakers, the new GSB 200 comes with one very special feature up its sleeve: extraordinarily tough and splash-proof, it is able to withstand even light showers from either rain or drinks and is perfect for any occasion, delivering just the right sound for audio from smartphones, tablets and other devices. Besides its impressive sound quality, the GSB 200 also scores points with its handy design: the black loudspeaker, with its simple yet timeless shape and neon-green face and controls, really turns heads. For anyone who just cannot live without high-quality audio, even when out and about, the GSB 200 is the ideal companion: Thanks to its carrying loop, which allows you to securely fasten the device to your backpack or shoulder strap, the compact loudspeaker can be taken anywhere without having to give it a second thought - whether it’s on a bicycle ride, a trip to the beach or up into the snowy mountains. And if during the picnic something does happen to go wrong, someone spills the coffee or the kids decide to make the most of the puddles for play, that moisture will simply roll off the loudspeaker’s splash-proof housing. Its light rubber lining also means the GSB 200 is extraordinarily tough and can even withstand slight falls. What’s more, at only 462 grams, the very portable 134 x 66 x 80-millimetre Bluetooth loudspeaker is also noticeably lightweight, which is sure to please those of us in particular who refuse to compromise on  sound quality, even when outside. With its built-in passive acoustic transducer for amplifying lower frequencies, the Grundig GSB 200’s audio streaming incorporates even more bass into the sound it produces. And it manages to do this with 2 x 5 watts of output power. The built-in 3.7-V lithium-ion battery guarantees a powerful and sonorous music experience with up to 16 hours of playtime and can very easily be recharged using the charger included.  Via integrated near field communication (NFC) technology, the GSB 200 is as quick as it is easy to connect to smartphones and similar devices. All the device needs is to be in range of the GSB 200, and you can start enjoying your music.
Elegance meets fragrance: Odour-free thanks to Grundig Fresh Guard

At IFA 2014, Grundig will introduce a genuine world first: the energy-efficient GNI 41832 X dishwasher with ion technology, or Fresh Guard for short. Not only will it leave dishes and cutlery sparkling clean, it will also mean the end of unpleasant odours. Alongside the automatic programme, where the machine itself determines the appropriate settings for the wash cycle, the new Grundig dishwasher has a whole array of practical features, such as a programmable option for preselecting the start time, a flexible basket design and WaterProtect+ function. These innovations make it a shining example of the perfect kitchen helper, not to mention the fact that, thanks to AutoFit, it can also be easily installed. Everyone knows the problem: Between washes, the inside of the dishwasher develops its own particular, rather unpleasant odour, often after almost no time at all. Conventional solutions have included doing a pre-rinse (always a hassle) or washing only half a load. The new GNI 41832 X dishwasher from Grundig now offers an efficient and hygienic alternative. Thanks to its integrated Fresh Guard function, this machine uses ion technology to put a stop to unpleasant odours and bacteria. The negatively charged ions prevent bad smells from developing without the use of chemicals. In addition, the antibacterial door seal stems the growth of bacteria, keeping the dishes and cutlery hygienically clean.  The Grundig GNI 41832 X also scores points in terms of comfort and flexibility with its multitude of conveniently adjustable settings. Whether for piles of pots and pans or a few bare essentials, this dishwasher has just the right setting for any dishwashing situation. Thanks to the All-in-Wash function, fragile glasses, plastic dishes and heavily soiled pans can now be washed simultaneously on two levels at different water pressures and then dried with superb results. The removable drawer for cutlery and espresso cups is particularly handy, as it creates even more space for long-stemmed glasses. And when time is of the essence, the Express function enables you to cut the wash cycle time in half while maintaining 100% cleaning performance. Especially sensitive ears will be happy to hear about Pianissimo, which allows lightly soiled dishes to be washed particularly quietly. The automatic programme is another highlight: the GNI 41832 X uses sensors to measure the level of soiling and number of dishes to then select the appropriate settings. All these features make this dishwasher the perfect helper in the kitchen.
Compact, practical and all-around great: The new Grundig Soundbar GSB 980 with wireless subwoofer                                                                                                                      
Revving engines, magical melodies or body-shaking beats – TV programmes only have the right effect when the things that are happening have the right sound. But even if you don’t have enough room for a big 5.1 home cinema system, you can still take advantage of the enhanced treble and bass provided by the right sound system. Thanks to the Soundbar GSB 980, which includes a subwoofer with wireless control, even the smallest living room can be transformed into a home cinema with top sound quality. While the compact Soundbar finds a snug home under the TV and ensures a crystal clear sound, the wireless subwoofer backs it up with a strong bass performance. Thanks to Bluetooth streaming, the Soundbar can play music from a wide range of devices, such as smartphones and tablets or the new Bluetooth enabled Grundig Smart-TVs, within a 10-metre radius. Through HDMI-CEC and ARC users can control the Soundbar and adjust the volume only by using their TV remote control while enjoying the best possible sound quality –it couldn’t be easier! The GSB 980 also features two HDMI input ports and one HDMI output port that can be used as connections for sending sound signals. The timeless, elegant design means the GSB 980 Soundbar with subwoofer suits any living room, its sleek look adding the final touch to the ambience of the space.
Impressively refreshing: New Side by Side fridge freezers

Grundig has completed its cooling appliance line with the GSBS 11130 X, GSBS 16820 X and GSBS 14620 X. Each of the Side by Side models brings together refrigerating and freezing systems in one elegantly designed appliance. The three models with Duo-Cooling No Frost technology have impressive energy efficiency ratings of A+++ and A++. Thanks to the VitaminCare crisper, fruit and vegetables can be stored for longer periods while retaining their vitamin C content. In addition, the appliances are equipped with a convenient holiday mode, Fresh Guard technology with ions, and the 0-3 °C Super Fresh Zone. The models GSBS 16820 X and GSBS 14620 X also feature an integrated water and ice dispenser, and the GSBS 14620 X has an added bar compartment. Particularly impressive is the GSBS 168520 X, which, thanks to its glass water tank, no longer needs to be directly connected to the water main, allowing the appliance to be placed anywhere in the room. This is one of the clear advantages of Grundig’s new fridge freezers. In addition, the glass water tank is easier to clean than a plastic container.

Highest energy efficiency in their class
When it comes to energy efficiency, the Side by Side appliances from Grundig are pioneers. With energy efficiency ratings of A+++ and A++, the appliances really stand out amongst the competition, also exhibiting an impressive array of additional features, such as Duo-Cooling and No Frost technology. The multi-directional air-flow system automatically takes care of defrosting while keeping even the widest variety of food products fresh. All three Grundig cooling appliances are also equipped with the 0-3 °C Super Fresh Zone. The temperature in this compartment is kept just above freezing point, thereby maintaining optimal humidity. In addition to this, a special activated carbon filter eliminates bacteria and unpleasant smells, which guarantees a long-lasting high standard of hygiene. The carbon filter can be reactivated very easily and inexpensively: one day in the sun allows the odour filter to breathe again. Perfectly completing the hygiene portfolio, all three appliances are equipped with an antibacterial door seal. This ensures maximum hygiene inside the refrigerator.
Freshness through intelligent ion technology, a.k.a. ‘Fresh Guard’
The highlight of Grundig’s new cooling appliances would have to be their innovative Fresh Guard ion technology. This method fosters the production of negative ions, which are then fed into the cooling system. They subsequently combine with bacteria and molecules that cause unpleasant odours to form bonded ions. During defrosting, the ions are led back out of the cooling system together with the germs, thereby promising longer-lasting food freshness. As the source of the ions is natural, they cause absolutely no harm to the food in the refrigerator – a particularly pleasant addition for the user.
Stainless steel design exuding class and elegance

The Side by Side appliances from Grundig captivate with their classic stainless steel housing, which, thanks to the fingerprint-free surface, prevents visible marks left by hands from showing up. The touch-control buttons make the white LED displays easy to operate. High-quality bottle shelves made from chrome bring the designs of the GSBS 14620 X, GSBS 11130 X and GSBS 16820 X to harmonious completion and simplify cleaning for the user.
Protection against stains and the elements: All-in-one washer-dryer with impregnation programme

The all-in-one GWD 59405 washer-dryer from Grundig combines the comfort of a washing machine and dryer in a single unit and wins users over with a practical textile guard impregnation programme.
Guarding against the elements
The first Grundig washer-dryer with impregnation programme is especially easy to use. During the drying cycle, the impregnation treatment is applied to clothes automatically. This eliminates the need to iron it on laundry afterwards, unlike with other manufacturers. Since the textile guard provided by the GWD 59405 is stain-resistant, outdoor fans aren’t the only ones who benefit from the additional value of the impregnation programme. Users can decide for themselves which benefits are most important to them: Whether it’s special stain protection or extra-soft laundry thanks to a special fabric softener, rest assured that laundry will come out water- and weatherproof each and every time. The impregnation liquid is suitable for sensitive skin, and clothes remain waterproof for up to five washes − and all in a way which is   environmentally friendly for waste water.

16 wash programmes, energy efficiency class A and EcoMotor
The compact GWD 59405 saves users space in their homes and provides a winning combination of top convenience, the classic Grundig design and energy efficiency class A. Up to 2.5 kg of laundry can be impregnated in a single wash within just one hour. The Grundig washer-dryer’s standard programme can wash up to 9 kg and dry up to 6 kg of laundry. Thanks to the innovative 6-kg Wash&Dry programme, users do not have to remove any wet laundry from a fully loaded machine for the drying cycle. The GWD 59405 from Grundig is the perfect balance between a fully automatic washing machine and condensation dryer.
The perfect drying process with TouchDry

Thanks to TouchDry, the drying process with the Grundig washer-dryer is even easier because an algorithm automatically determines how long the laundry needs to be dried. The finely tuned sensors are able to detect whether the clothes are made of cotton, synthetic or other materials and calculate the optimal drying time. The eco-friendly air-condensation system is another real added benefit for users and the environment. Unlike traditional washer-dryers, the GWD 59405 uses air flows, not water, to condense the moisture in the hot air. This technology provides gentler, more efficient class-A drying power while it considerably reduces the amount of water used. Go ahead and take efficiency one step further with the mini Wash&Dry programme, which is especially practical for small loads. The programme can wash and dry up to five T-shirts in just 58 minutes.
Minimal noise with maximum air extraction
Exceptionally quiet and economical: the GDK 5792 XB wall mounted hood from Grundig uses innovative motor technology to make cooking a great experience. Thanks to the EcoMotor, a brushless DC motor, this range hood is already setting new standards for kitchens.
The Grundig GDK 5792 XB is equipped with the new Eco-Silent technology. As a result, the energy-efficient motor is incredibly quiet, with a maximum noise level of 64 dB(A) at the highest setting. This hood also has an impressively low level of energy consumption. At the maximum extraction setting, it uses less than 100 W, only half as much energy as conventional hoods. Its stainless steel design, exuding the customary class and elegance for which Grundig is known, completes this kitchen innovation.

Extremely quiet and incredibly economical
The fitted DC motor, known as the EcoMotor, uses brushless drive technology to ensure the hood operates smoothly and quietly while maintaining outstanding performance. The result is substantial energy savings. Depending on the customer’s wishes and living situation, the GDK 5792 XB from Grundig can work as an extraction or recirculating hood. The addition of LED lighting means an increase in energy efficiency of 35 percent compared to conventional devices with halogen lighting and capacitor motors.