Gökçeada&Bozcaada Suggestion


by Barış Gündoğdu (Product Sourcing)
Gökçeada&Bozcaada Suggestion

Most of us prefer vacation the South of Turkey popular places, for example Antalya, Bodrum,Marmaris, Kuşadası, Kaş  are the most popular vacation places of Turkey… But My Vacation mentality is a little bit different. With my motocycle on the highway; feeling the wind and freedom inside me. Of course with music in my ears… Last summer I went to Gökçeada and Bozcaada with my friends. Reason to prefer to Gökçeada and Bozcaada, more closer to İstanbul than other options and I haven't seen them before. My first time. I was wondering both of lands.

We have spent beautiful times. First of all I want to talk about Gökçeada's breakfast places,sea side, free goats and horses. Most of the west of Turkey with our Motocycles trips became more enjoyable for us.

We rode almost 1000 kms between İstanbul and Gökçeada,Bozcaada and martrydom of Çanakkale travelling. Memorialized our martries at Çanakkale. Not too much far away from Istanbul, but we  have fun and felt freedom with our motocycles.

So how you can go to Gökçeada?

From İstanbul: On the Thrace's road Tekirdağ, chersonese of Gelibolu than you can use the ferry boat from Kabatape harbor to go Gökçeada… With ferry boat from Kabatepe Approximately 1,30 hours later you'll at Gökçeada ☺ Gökçeada is Small and cute land. İf you prefer village life in the future, I can advise to you move to Gökçeada. Gökçeada beaches and sea  are very clear. Sea is very brilliant.

You can see deep to sea and you can watch  lots of fishes whenever you want.

We liked "Mustafa'nın kayfesi" very much. Near the historical church and still used by the Land's people, overhead on the land and on this road you can see Gökçeada's castle.


Mustafa'nın kayfesi is very sweet place for a breakfeast. We shared our breakfast  with cats and ducks.


You can see lots of olive trees and mountain goats at land espcecially goats are everywhere and free. You can see at this land Horse herds at beaches. Gökçeada is very silent and smooth land and have a very cheap bazaar. Land's people are outgoing and friendly. For an alternative vacation I can suggest to you. By the way both of lands at Aegean Sea, most of the West of Turkey near to Greece.

Ecpecially uğurlu beach at Gokceada is a great place to dibe un. There are lots of camping areas at both of lands.

A few days later we decided to go to Bozcaada. We jumped to our motocycles with ferry boat to Çanakkale and than again use the Ferry boat we went to Bozcaada. Bozcaada land is very famous for its red wine and vineyards, aquarium beach, very delicious and cute  fish restaurants of Bozcaada's streets.

My first time to prefer vacation on both of lands and impressed me a lot.

I can give suggestion to you for those very silent, relaxing, historical, small, sweat, cheap lands. And land's people are very friendly and hospitable.


By the way, I created a short movie You can watch this link:


And finally of course martrydom of Çanakkale.


Gökçeada and bozcaada can be your next vacation prefer.

Why not? ;)