Supplier Approval

In line with the objectives and strategies of supplier chain process, the suppliers applying to be included in portfolio go through the procedure of "Supplier Approval and Evaluation Process." The suppliers are assessed through several steps within the framework of approval.

The supplier’s ability to produce the materials/components demanded by Arçelik A.Ş., the supplier’s technical infrastructure and cost effectiveness are assessed by industrial purchasing official; and the supplier’s detailed information regarding technical competence, financial infrastructure, quality systems and environmental and Code of Conduct practices are collected via supplier information sheet - new supplier fills during the application process - that can be found at our supplier portal.
Supplier information is evaluated by industrial purchasing official, system development department and product departments; and if deemed necessary, supplier inspections are planned by product directorates and purchasing department regarding ISO 9001 quality management system requirements, ISO 14001 supplier expectations, rules of Code of Conduct and technical competences. The supplier passing the inspections is approved. The suppliers, which do not fully meet the conformance criteria, might be approved by conditional acceptance and asked to realize improvement. If the supplier is not deemed suitable to work with Arçelik A.Ş., the process of approval is terminated.