Supplier Relationship

Supplier Day

With the intent of strengthening our communication with our suppliers, which we regard as the important stakeholder  of supply chain, Arçelik organizes Supplier Day event, where strategies, policies and expectations are shared.

In Supplier Day Events, the expectations of  Arçelik A.Ş. from suppliers are emphasized as believing and supporting   company targets, making collaboration in each stage   starting from the design,  constantly developing itself, being visionary, providing innovative technology and  products, developing the company with its expertise   and capabilities, respecting human, society and  environment.

-        March, 2011 – Far East Supplier Day, Shanghai

-        May, 2012 – Supplier Day, Istanbul

-        Sep., 2013 - Far East Supplier Day, Shenzhen

-        January, 2014 - Far East Supplier Day, Taipei

-        May, 2015 – Korea Supplier Day, Seoul

-        Sep. 2015 - Iran Supplier Day, Tahran

-        May, 2016 – Supplier Day, Istanbul


Supplier Development Program

Supplier Development Department has the objective to  support suppliers and improve their management and infrastructure. Suppliers are prioritized after audit process, where medium or high risk areas are identified. These activities both provide advantage to the company in terms of competitiveness and support to improve quality, environment and management systems.

Additionally, development is provided within the framework of win-win principle by carrying out productivity projects with “gain sharing” model in subsidiary industries and it is aimed to improve the qualities of suppliers with “target based” supplier management method.

During supplier audits and on-site visits, if non-compliances are found, corrective and preventive action plan will provided by supplier and re-audited to follow up.