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As ARÇELİK A.Ş., we are aspiring to have right candidates in the company’s pool, to increase the number of potential candidates and to recruit the right persons by means of evaluation through appropriate methods. 
Recruitment Process
  • Selected from the pool, the candidates are invited for an interview. After the preliminary interview held by Human Resources, foreign language test, numerical & verbal skills tests and personality questionnaire are applied. After this stage, the candidates are invited for a second interview with Human Resources and relevant department's manager in order to question shared values and competencies. 
  • Going through interview process successfully, the candidates participate in the Assessment Centre. As ARÇELİK A.Ş., we prefer Assessment Centre application since it offers the opportunity to use many different methods (group and/or individual exercises according to the position) together and observe desired competencies in detail. Candidates found positive at the end of Assessment Centre application are invited for an interview with senior executives.
When these stages completed, suitable candidates are informed about the salary and benefits of the position they get an offer letter. Upon mutual agreement, recruitment and orientation process is started. 
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