Arçelik A.Ş. who attended the IFA, the biggest consumer electronics and home appliances fair in Europe held in Berlin, brought together the latest innovations of its brands Beko and Grundig with technology lovers in its custom made booth of 3800m2. While Beko exhibits its portfolio of products equipped with smart solutions at the IFA Fair, Grundig presents many products with superior features and unique designs to the visitors.



The World brand Beko, who met with consumers from over 100 countries, exhibited its products that are equipped with innovative technologies, are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products in its own class and puts importance on design and functionality.   Beko moves beyond the expectations of consumers with a wide range of new and pioneering products in hygiene, food preserving, cooking, washing and drying technologies. Beko who stood out at the fair with its energy efficient leader products and smart technology impresses everyone with its “Aqua Flex” technology dishwasher, steam assisted washing machine and dryer, refrigerators which provide maximum storage life with Neo Frost technology and new built-in cook-tops and ovens designed for the kitchens of future.  The special built-in “CAST” cooker series designed by the world famous designer Patricia Urquiola is also presented to consumers at the Beko booth.



Grundig is introducing its wide product range including consumer electronics technologies, personal care products, small home appliances and white goods series, with consumers this year at the IFA. Grundig, within the concept of the main theme of the fair “Smart IFA”, is featuring its smart TV products. And in its white goods series, Grundig is exhibiting a wide range of technology and energy efficiency featured products from refrigerators and dishwashers to ovens, washing machines and dryers.  Grundig is also bringing together the concepts of “Beauty” and “Fashion” by working together with Germany’s most famous fashion designer Killian Kerner. New small home appliances from the same design family will be presented together with Kerner’s fashion designs at the Fair.



Visiting the IFA Fair together with the press members, Levent Çakıroğlu, President of Koç Holding Durable Goods Group and Arçelik A.Ş.’s General Manager expressed the pleasure of attending IFA again with two strong brands, Beko and Grundig, and shared his views about these two brands.


Levent Çakıroğlu said: “We are the third biggest white goods company in Europe.”
In the evaluation he made, Levent Çakıroğlu stated that; “According to the first half results of 2013, we have strengthened our brand by increasing our price indexes and our market share in the countries in which we are active. Arçelik’s turnover was around 5.1 billion TL during the first half of 2013. Our leadership of the white goods, built-in’s, LCD TV’s and air conditioning markets in Turkey is beyond question. In line with our target of increasing our market diversity and global awareness, we are obtaining 60% of our turnover from international sales. We are the third biggest white goods company in Europe.”


“In our biggest market, Europe, Beko has been the brand that has increased its market share the most for 5 successive years.”
Stating that Beko continues to grow world-wide and possesses a very strong position with its environmentally friendly products that use resources efficiently, smart technologies and special designs, Çakıroğlu also said: “Our brand Beko is the 3rd biggest brand in Europe. In Europe, our biggest market, our brand Beko has been the brand that has increased its market share the most in 5 successive years in accordance with our growth target. We continued the same success in the first six months of the year. When compared with the same period of last year, the Beko brand has become the brand that has increased its market share in Europe, the most. While sustaining our market leadership in UK and Lithuania, we have become the leading brand in Poland too. While maintaining our leader position in different product categories in many countries, we took place in first place for refrigerators, second for freezers and third for washing machines, dishwashers and cooking appliances in the whole of the Western European markets.”



“Beko is maintaining its strong growth in Germany”
also mentioned Beko’s performance in the German market. He stated that Beko is maintaining its strong growth in Germany, that it is showing a 45% growth success in the market shares of the 2011-2012 period and that Beko is increasing its brand awareness increasingly. Stating that Beko who entered 2013 successfully has become the brand that showed the largest growth in Germany as of the end of June 2013, Çakıroğlu continued: “Germany, is by far the largest white goods market in Europe. Beko is a young and dynamic brand in Germany. At the same time it has a deep rooted experience in the white goods sector. By showing its high quality, Beko is growing fast in every product group. In the comparative product tests realized by Germany’s most prestigious independent Test and Research Institute Stiftung Warentest (StiWa) we were deemed suitable for many different awards for many of our different products. We became the “Test Champion” in the categories of quality, environmental effects and ease of use with our dishwasher in 2011. For the first time, Beko, a company that wasn’t originated in Germany became the champion. In 2012 and 2013, our washing machines, dryers and coolers were deemed suitable for the “Test Gut” award from StiWa.

“The Grundig brand is the one remembered first in consumer electronics in Europe’s biggest market, Germany.”
who stated that Grundig is one of the most valuable brands in Arçelik A.Ş.’s brand portfolio said that Grundig’s brand power is increasing in a stable way. Çakıroğlu who stated that Grundig is the brand remembered first in consumer electronics in Europe’s biggest market, Germany said: “In accordance with the strategy we created for a profitable and sustainable growth target 5 years ago; our brand Grundig has increased its share and maintains its strong position in TV category in all markets we are active, but particularly in Germany and Scandinavian country. By taking changing dynamics of the market into consideration, we are improving our Grundig TV product range. Hence the share of smart TVs and connected TVs on our total sales has shown a considerable growth in 2013. By taking into consideration the position of our Grundig brand in consumer electronics and personal care products, we have decided to position our brand in white goods too. We made the launching of Grundig white goods for the first time in the Living Kitchen Fair in Cologne. We have already presented our Grundig white goods products that we position in the top segment to the German market.”

“Arçelik A.Ş. is currently the company that has the largest number of R&D centers and the company that devotes the most resources to the R&D in its sector in Turkey."
said that with its innovative, high quality and high technology products and over 1000 R&D workers, Arçelik A.Ş. is one of the leaders of the world in its sector and it is an important player that makes a difference. He went on to say: “One of the most important elements of Arçelik A.Ş.’s success is the technological competence and innovation skills with the power to design and produce with its unique technology. Arçelik A.Ş. is currently the company that has the largest number of R&D centers and the company that devotes the most resources to the R&D in its sector in Turkey. Arçelik A.Ş. who owns more than a third of the international patent applications from Turkey to the World Intellectual Property Organization is Turkey’s undisputed patent champion for years.  Our company which is aiming to continue to offer high standards to every consumer around the world is increasing its R&D investments every year.”

Tülin Karabük said: “Beko brand is focused on smart solutions to facilitate consumers’ lives.”
Arçelik A.Ş. Vice General Manager Responsible of Marketing, Tülin Karabük
stated that Beko continues to be the rising brand preferred by the new generation with its young and dynamic structure. She went on to say; “Our products are modern, innovative, consumer friendly and environmentalist.   Nowadays, instead of just blindly buying a product, consumers look at the quality and price of the product and the services offered by the brand after the sale. By being strong in these fields, we are becoming a favored brand in the market.”

“We are standing out in the Fair with our energy efficient Beko products”
By emphasizing that Beko is a brand grasping and meeting the world and requirements of the new generation of consumers, Karabük stated that Beko exhibited its product portfolio which appeals to this new generation, who possesses a high awareness, sensitivity towards the efficient use of natural resources and seeks for functionality and quality, at the IFA Fair with the slogan of “Inspired by Smart Generation”. Karabük also said: “Beko stands out with its distinctive products in every product category in terms of energy efficiency at the IFA Fair. We are exhibiting our refrigerators 10% more efficient than A+++ energy levels, washing machines 50% more efficient than A+++ energy levels, dryers 10% more efficient than A+++ energy levels, dish washers 10% more efficient than A+++ energy levels and built-in ovens 40% more efficient than A energy levels at the IFA”.

Karabük who gave further information on the consumer friendly technologies presented at the IFA this year said: “Steam technology is providing a more hygienic cleaning and active drying in washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, and it offers the chance for a more healthy and delicious cooking process in built-in ovens.”   Karabük who said that with the “Active Fresh Blue Light” and “EverFresh” technologies the normal storage life of vegetables is tripled, also added: “We are bringing consumers together with our refrigerator which makes preparation of ice cream much easier with its Home Cream feature and our dishwasher which can wash dirty dishes of different materials effectively with the Aqua Flex technology. At our booth we are exhibiting the built-in oven with the “Cooksense” technology which is oriented towards unlimited pleasure of cooking for future kitchens, the washing machine which offers a hygienic cleaning at just 20 degrees and our dryer and washing machines who stand out with the steam therapy and technology which removes unpleasant smells.”

In mentioning an important and innovative product of Beko in its field, the deep freezer, Karabük also said “The first and only A+++ deep freezers that are included in Beko’s product range provide a more hygienic environment where food can be stored for longer.”

“Innovation, technology and performance lie at the heart of the design philosophy of Beko products designed by Patricia Urquiola.”
who said that they brought the consumers together with the special built-in cooker series named “CAST” designed by world famous designer Patricia Urquiola at the Beko booth, stated that the main idea of this special kitchen series is to move away from standard solutions and create a modern and warm series that can also offer flexibility in usage. Karabük expressed that; innovation, technology and performance lie at the heart of the design philosophy of Beko products designed by Patricia Urquiola.

“Our products are earning more and more awards in international field”
Speaking about the awards that Beko has received with its consumer friendly technologies in the market, Tülin Karabük stated that a large number of Beko products have received many awards in international fields thanks to their functionality and innovative features and that a special part of the booth has been made up of Beko’s award winning products.

Murat Şahin stated: “In consumer electronics, we focus on emerging product groups”
In relaying information about Grundig products, Germany Country Manager – Grundig Multimedia, Beko Deutschland GmbH General Manager Murat Şahin said: “A strong brand with a deep rooted history and dynamic structure, Grundig is being carried into the future with its successful performance in consumer electronics, small home appliances and personal care products. In consumer electronics, we focus on emerging product groups. Smart TV and connected audio product groups showed a strong growth in the first half of 2013 and our Smart TV sales were doubled in the same period. With our 7.4% market share in Smart TV’s, we are included in the first 4 positions.”

“In television watching habits, the notion of being dependent on time is being removed”
who gave information on the innovations in smart TV’s exhibited under the concept of Smart IFA at this year’s fair, stated that these innovations are presented under 3 main headings: “With UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV’s we offer an almost perfect picture with 4 K (3840x2160 pixels) definition.  We are entering a new dimension with our new frameless product designs and we have changed all our existing products into smart TV’s. This has 2 important benefits to consumers. Firstly, the notion of being dependent on time is being removed in terms of television watching habits. Broadcasters now keep their broadcasts on servers for a certain amount of time after the broadcast. Even if the consumers miss it, they can watch it later. The second important benefit is that with models such as Video on Demand, consumers can watch TV series or movies, which are not included in the normal TV broadcast stream, whenever they want.  Şahin who emphasized that by presenting the first TV’s with the USB recording feature 3 years ago Grundig showed its top priority in this field, stated that during the time period passed, they have seen that TV’s have turned into devices that can record through USB ports and have internet connectivity.

“Habits of listening to music are changing with mobile phones”
who stated that radios with a DAB feature in audio are at the forefront, pointed out that FM broadcasts will progressively lessen and a more quality satellite based broadcast will take its place.  Şahin went on to say that: “An important topic in audio is Bluetooth Speakers.  In a market where so many smart phones are being sold, music listening habits are changing too. Music on smart phones will be listened through these speakers from now on. These speakers can even be for speaking on the phone as well as listening to music.”

“With its newly added white goods category, Grundig is now in the position of being the supplier of any kind of electrical home appliance."
who stated that by making their first white goods introduction at the Living Kitchen Fair in the beginning of 2013, Grundig made an entrance into this segment too, went on to add: “Thus, the brand Grundig has become the supplier of all kinds of electrical home appliances in Europe covering a wide range from consumer electronics to small home appliances. Along with the technology, ultimate ease of use and special design that we brought out for televisions and music systems, personal care products and computers to date, we are introducing consumers our white goods product range consisting of ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers all with superior energy levels, fit for every taste and need. Grundig is the only European brand to have a range this wide,” he said and then added: “We are maintaining our stable growth in new product categories. At the Living Kitchen Fair, nearly 80 of our white goods products were ready to be presented to the market, now with our innovations, we have increased our product number to 150. We expanded our product portfolio with the washer-dryer with a capacity of 9kg washing and 5kg drying which we began producing for the first time. At IFA, we meet with our consumers our products which stand out with their energy efficiency under our “EcoChamps” white goods series, and our user friendly products with superior design and technology under the “WECARE” series.

“The concepts of beauty and fashion come together in small home appliances”
who emphasized that Grundig’s timeless and simple designs have won the favor of the consumers, said; “As well as bearing the contemporary line of today, Grundig products are designed with an approach standing against time and can create the feeling of newly designed even after years.” Şahin who also pointed out that Grundig’s small home appliances have many innovations said that along with personal care products, they have also presented various innovations in irons and vacuum cleaners for the appreciation of the consumers. Şahin stated that Grundig has brought together the concepts of “Beauty” and “Fashion” by working together with Germany’s most famous fashion designer Killian Kerner and he added that: New small home appliances from the same design family are presented together with Kerner’s fashion designs at the IFA. Visitors can view glorious fashion shows in which the models will present hair styles representing designs of Kerner on the runway located at the Grundig booth.”

“The partnership between Bundesliga and Grundig is an important milestone for Grundig”
who stated that the “Official Technology Partnership" which began in 2011 between Bundesliga and Grundig has proved to be an important milestone for Grundig and thanks to this, the brand Grundig has reached an important visibility in the world, both through live shows in Germany and pre-recorded broadcasts in Europe, pointed out that within this sponsorship the Grundig logo took place in every match during the seasons 2011/12 and 2012/13 of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. Şahin added that they will be continuing the German Football League Bundesliga’s sponsorship in 2014/15 as well. Şahin stated that Grundig became the new name sponsor of the historical stadium of Nuremberg in February 2013 and that the agreement covers a 4 year time span. He continued to say that: "Grundig being a deep rooted German brand and the support it has given to sports has been effective in choosing the name Grundig as a sponsor. It is a widespread application in Germany for deep rooted brands to receive their strength from the city they are rooted in and for them to make their investments there. It is possible to consider this as a social responsibility along with it being an investment in advertising .”