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ARÇELİK A.Ş., together with its employees, aims to be a symbol of trustworthiness, continuity and respectability for all of its working partners in all countries where it operates. Even without malicious intent, thoughtless behavior or actions can cause serious problems. Thus, a major responsibility of every individual employee is to caution and guide others in their work environment.
ARÇELİK A.Ş., with all its employees, aspires to ensure customer satisfaction and sound growth by providing products and services of universal high quality and standards. We are committed to being a symbol of trust, continuity and esteem for all our stakeholders; i.e., society, customers, shareholders, dealers and suppliers. 
The Customer is the focus of everything we do.
Our top priority is to create value for our customers; to respond steadily to their expectations with quality. It is our duty to take responsibility for our products for the long term.
Our ultimate aim is to always be “the best”.
Our primary goals are to be the best in quality, service, supplier, and dealer relationships; as an investment opportunity for our shareholders; and to sustain this public image. To achieve these goals we are committed to managing our businesses to be the leader in the market.
Our most important capital is our people.
The quality of our products and services is based on the quality of our people. For the success of our Group, we follow a policy of recruiting the best people, and provide opportunities for their development and advancement. To fully utilize the talents, strength, and creativity of our people, we create a work environment, which encourages increased efficiency, teamwork and accountability.
Creation of wealth for continuous development is our key objective.
Creation of value for our shareholders is a guiding principle to assure continuity of service, investments in our future and contributions to the economic and social development of our people and our society. Therefore, creation of value and efficient utilization of all resources are key objectives.
Honesty, integrity, respect and superior business ethics are the foundations of our behavior.
The conduct of our business is pursued with good intentions, mutual benefit, and fair treatment in all our relationships. As a precondition of success, we respect and appreciate diversity and promote openness in communication. We seek to be a leader in serving our society and safeguarding the interests of future generations. Protection of the environment and promotion of a higher level of environmental awareness are our duty to both our society and the world.
We aspire to strengthen the economy in which we operate and from where we derive our own strength.
We strongly support all the economic, environmental and social issues that bring prosperity to the country in which we operate. A guiding principle could be expressed with the code of our founder, Vehbi Koç:
“As long as democracy exists and thrives, so do we. We shall do our utmost to strengthen the economy. As the economy prospers, so will democracy and our standing in the world.” 
Vehbi Koç