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First produced old roller washing machine

1955 -1975

1955 Arçelik A.Ş. is established in Sütlüce.
1959 Arçelik A.Ş. produces the first washing machine in Turkey.
1960 Arçelik A.Ş. produces the first refrigerator in Turkey.
1975 Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant begins production.
1976- 1993
1977 Ardem Cooking & Heating Appliances is founded.
          Eskişehir Compressor Plant begins production.
1991 R&D Center is founded. 
1993 Ankara Dishwasher Production Plant begins production.
1994 -2008
1999 Arçelik A.Ş. acquires Ardem Cooking & Heating Appliances.  
        Arçelik A.Ş., Türk Elektrik Endüstrisi A.Ş.,
        Atılım A.Ş. and Gelişim A.Ş. merge to become a single entity.
2006 Refrigerator and Washing Machine Production Plant begin production in Russia.
          Arçelik A.Ş. becomes the largest shareholder in Beko Elektronik A.Ş. 
2007 Washing Machine Production Plant begins operations in China.
          SBS (Side by side) Refrigerator with Active Fresh Blue technology was launched.
          Beko Elektronik A.Ş. became the owner of the Grundig Multimedia Company and
          Grundig brand.
          One Touch Dishwasher was launched.
2008 First Tumble Dryer Production Plant begins operations in Çerkezköy.
        “A first in the world,” Divide & Cool (DAC): Dividable Cooling Technology is
         Legal title of Beko Elektronik A.Ş. is changed to Grundig Elektronik A.Ş. 
The merger of Arçelik A.Ş. and Grundig Elektronik A.Ş. is completed.
The first four-door refrigerator is manufactured in Turkey.

With a consumption rate 30% more economical than A class, the “World's Quickest   Washing Machine” is manufactured, offering the “Least Energy Consumption in the World” with “14 washing programs.”

Arçelik launches “Super Invertech” with 60 percent more energy-efficient performance in heating and cooling than any other A class air conditioners.
Arçelik's Green Eco-Panel LCD TV with 45% less energy consumption is introduced to consumers.

The world champion in three categories, the “most silent, least water consuming and fastest” dishwasher is introduced to consumers.

Beko becomes the main sponsor of European Basketball Championship EuroBasket 2009, FIBA Asian Basketball Championship and German Basketball League “Basketball Bundesglia.”

Beko becomes the main sponsor of the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship held in Turkey. 
Almanac 2010  

Llogo of Beko Bundesliga

January - March
Title sponsor of German Basketball League, Beko also sponsors Beko Basketball Bundesliga All Star event held in Bonn.

Arçelik participates in the Community of European Management Schools and International Companies (CEMS) with the cooperation of the Koç University School of Business.

Arçelik Authorized Dealers Meeting is held in Istanbul.

Elektra Bregenz AG introduces its new logo and concept “In Harmony with Your Life” to consumers.

Arcelik Yenibosna store

April - June
Arçelik exhibited its new generation acclimatization products in SODEX 2010, the most significant acclimatization exhibition in Europe.

Arçelik launches its new washing machine, 8124 HST Economist, which consumes 50% less power than A energy class.

Arctic celebrates its 40th anniversary.  

12th Invention Day awards successful engineers developing innovative products.

Prominent in acclimatization and energy solutions,

Arçelik opens its new Air Conditioner Store.

IFA Grundig  Electronic products stand

July – September
The 84-cm Combi No-Frost Refrigerator which has a 600-liter large inner capacity and consumes 15% less energy than A energy class refrigerators is launched.

The first 3D LED television is produced in Turkey.

World's first laundry-recognizing washing machine, 8128 H Autologic is released into the market.  

“World's most economical dishwasher” A-30% 62107

HIT Economist is introduced to consumers.

In its 65th anniversary, Grundig introduces its latest products with the slogan “MegaHertz Enthusiasm” in IFA.

Arçelik 92152 TACM two-drawer Built-in Dishwasher is released to consumers.

Beko Blomberg Stands

October – December
Arçelik produces its one millionth washing machine in Russia.

The 9681 ESLTI Built-in Oven equipped with steam power cooking technology is released for the first time in Turkey.

The sponsorship agreement between Beko and the Turkish Basketball Federation is extended.

Arçelik produces a new dishwasher called 63107 HIT - New Ecologist after its combined features. It is the “World's Least Water Consuming” dishwasher with 6-liter water consumption in the Economy 6L program and “One of World's Least Energy Consuming Products” with 30% less energy consumption than A energy class products in its Economy 50°C program.

Arçelik opens its first “Concept” store in Turkey.

2008-2009 the Arçelik A.fi. Sustainability Report is published in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Principles.

The 7-kg A-20% 2200 ACM Built-in Washing Machine, increasing the standard built-in washing machine capacity by 40%, is produced.

World's first A+++ No Frost refrigerator consuming the least electrical energy in its own class is produced.

Arcelik Yenibosna store

Almanac 2011

January – March
Beko, already title sponsor of the German Basketball League, sponsors the Beko Basketball Bundesliga All Star event for the second time.

Beko showcased its latest high-tech products at the international kitchen fair “LivingKitchen” that premiered in Cologne.

The “Arçelik Concept Store,” which covers 1,000 square meters, opened in Izmir.

More than 1,400 authorized dealers attended the 4th Beko Authorized Dealers Meeting in Istanbul.

April – June
Beko celebrates its 21th year in the UK market, in which it has sold over 15 million products to date.

The Research and Development Department celebrates its 20th year.

Engineers who invented innovative technologies are awarded during the 13th Invention Day.

Arçelik introduces the 8123 ER Silent-Tech and ultra silent washing machine; A-50% energy efficient than A class.

July – September
Grundig becomes the “Official Technology Partner of the Bundesliga (German Football League).”

Beko becomes “Presenting Sponsor” of the FIBA European Basketball Championship held in Lithuania, thus becoming the largest sponsor to present the championship to the world.
Beko and Grundig showcase their latest high-tech products at the IFA, Europe’s largest electronics fair.

An international team of 12 Arçelik employees climbs on Mount Kilimanjaro to draw attention to global warming and the ongoing drought in Africa.

October – December
Arçelik A.Ş. acquires Defy Appliances Pty Ltd., South Africa’s leading household appliances producer. 

A Taiwan office is opened to develop procurement and technological activities in the Far East. 

Continuing to support basketball, Beko becomes the titlesponsor of the Lithuanian Basketball League.

Grundig becomes the main sponsor of the Fenerbahçe Male Volleyball Team. 

Arçelik A.Ş., term speaker and member of the Turkish Climate Platform (part of the Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action), signs the “The 2˚C Challenge Communiqué.”

Beko introduces 62 products to the Australian market during a launch held in Sydney.

Grundig welcomes its dealerships from Germany to Turkey.

The 2010 Sustainability Report is published with a “B+” application level, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Principles.

For the first time in Turkey, “Arçelik Home Appliances Laboratories” are established in four schools as part of the “Technical Education Program” of Arçelik.

Almanac 2012

January – March
“Efficient Cooperation for Energy Efficiency in Household Appliances” movement launched by the  Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has been supported.

16th Beko store has been launched in Lukavica  Istocno Region, within Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Beko All-Star Organization held in Trabzon within the scope of Beko Turkish Basketball League sponsorship. 

Arçelik 92104 PFEI, world’s least water consuming semi-built-in dishwasher providing up to 85% water saving compared to hand wash has been manufactured. 

Arçelik A.Ş. Authorized Dealers Meeting held in Antalya with the participation of 1,270 authorized dealers.    

Blomberg brand of Arçelik A.Ş. was preferred in Equinox Net-Zero Energy House in U.S.A., which  meets all its energy requirements with solar energy.

Çelik character, representing the technology, innovation and functionality continued to promote Arçelik A.Ş. innovations together with Çeliknaz, the symbol of design, aesthetics, style and grace.

April - June
Next generation air-conditioning products of Arçelik  A.Ş. met with the visitors at Sodex Istanbul.

Arçelik A.Ş. Subsidiary Industry Day held in Istanbul.

11th  Beko Chess Festival held in İzmir.

At 14th  Invention Day, 455 inventor engineers, manufacturing products with innovative technologies, have been awarded.

Cactus Dishwasher Project has taken its place among the best practices that will represent Turkey at Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) to be held in Brazil.

Beko brand attended to 17th  Shanghai International Bath & Kitchen Exhibition organized in China.

UK Minister of State for Trade and Investment Lord Stephen Green and Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium  Flemish Government and Minister of Innovation, Public Investment, Media and Poverty Reduction visited the washing machine plant in Çayırova, Istanbul.

July - September
Largest store of Beko in Montenegro launched in  Podgorica city.

Beko Plc., sponsored the terrace pavilion at UKTI's British Business Embassy at Lancaster House.

Beko attended to Electrolar Show Exhibition, largest electronic exhibition event of South America, organized  in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Arçelik A.Ş. exhibited its state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology products at IFA, Europe’s largest technology exhibition, with its international brands Beko and Grundig.

Beko became the official supporter of FA Cup, which is the world's oldest football tournament, having been organized since 1871 and has awarded Chelsea as last season's winner.

Beko brand became the new title sponsor of Italian Basketball League, Lega Basket Serie A.

Strongest teams of Beko Turkish Basketball League, Beko Basketball Bundesliga, Beko Russia Basketball League  and Beko Litvania Basketball League brought together at Beko Cup organized in Germany.

October - December
Largest Arçelik Store, apart from Turkey, launched in Babek region of Baku, in Azerbaijan.

Sales and Marketing Companies in Ukraine as Beko Ukraine and in Egypt as Beko Egypt Trading LLC have been established.

A loan agreement signed with European Investment Bank for financing R&D activities.

Within the scope 15th  year celebrations of the activities in Georgia, Beko launched two new stores and new office and service centers of its Georgia distribütör.

As the member and term spokesman of Turkish Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change Platform, Arçelik A.Ş. represented Turkey at World Climate Summit held in Doha.

2011 Sustainability Report has been prepared as per GRI- Global Reporting Initiative standard at “B+” level.

Arçelik and Beko Authorized Services came together at  three different meetings held in Antalya.

Malaysia Minister of International Trade and Industry, Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamed and South Africa Deputy Minister  of Trade and Industry, Elizabeth Thabethe visited Istanbul Çayırova Plant.

Prime Minister of Romania visited Arctic Refrigerating Appliances Plant in Romania.

Almanac 2013

Arçelik A.Ş. participated in Living Kitchen Fair held in Cologne with brands of Beko and Grundig.

Beko opened its first store in Tanzania.

Arçelik A.Ş. Dishwasher, Tumble Dryer, Electric Motors and Arctic Cooling Appliances factories were awarded with “Platinum” certificate which is the highest rank in “Energy Efficient Green Facilities” grading.

Beko introduced its product range to “Sri Lanka Market” in the launching event held in Colombo.

Beko opened its biggest concept store in Tunisia.

With the launching event held in Riyadh, Beko introduced its high-technology and innovative product range to Saudi Arabian market.

Arçelik A.Ş. was awarded with grand prize in “Innovative Environment Friendly Product” category of ISO Environment Awards with “Arçelik 9658 ETI” oven.

The biggest Beko concept store of Northern Cyprus was opened.

Beko participated in “Batibouw” which is the most important built-in product fair of Belgium market.

Arçelik A.Ş. carried out the first Eurobond export in International Markets. A borrowing of 500 million $ with coupon rate of  5% for a term of 10 years was provided.

In “The Most Prestigious Industries and Companies of Turkey Research”, Arçelik A.Ş. was determined to be “The Most Prestigious Company” of the year 2012.

5th International Beko Authorized Dealers Meeting was held in Antalya with 1,600 authorized dealers from all over Turkey and globe.

Beko participated in 46th Cairo International Fair held in Cairo.

With its new products with brand of Grundig and Blomberg, Beko participated in the “Trade Show” held in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Blomberg participated in “Architectural Digest Home Design Show” held in New York.

Elektrabregenz celebrated its 120th year with a special party.

Arçelik A.Ş. claimed to earn the “ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate”.

Beko opened 2 gigantic stores in Erbil, Iraq.

With an introduction event held in Tel Aviv, Beko introduced its new product range to Israel market.

Arçelik A.Ş. became a member of  “Smart TV Alliance” which is the leading constitution of Smart TV world.

Beko participated in “Shangai Electric and Electronic Fair” which is the biggest and most important home appliances fair of Asia-Pacific Region.

Arçelik A.Ş. China Washing Machine Plant manufactured 1,000,000th washing machine.

Beko participated in Kitchen and Bathroom Fair held in Shangai, China. 

Corporate governance rating of Arçelik A.Ş. was updated as 9.28.

Beko and Grundig participated in IFA, the greatest technology fair of Europe, and introduced their new products.

Beko brand became “Presenting Sponsor” of 2013 FIBA European Basketball Championship held in Slovenia and 2014 FIBA World Basketball Championship to be held in Spain.

Arçelik A.Ş.'s Annual Report of 2012 and Sustainability Report of 2011 was awarded with four prizes in the contest held by League of American Communications Professionals (LACP).

Beko Dolphin series washing machine was awarded with “Innovative Product” prize by China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI).

Beko opened its second concept store in Tbilisi and raised the number of its stores in Georgia to 54.

Arçelik A.Ş. held a “Far East Supplier's Day” in China with participation of over 300 suppliers from 8 countries.

Arçelik A.Ş. was awarded with “Innovation Leadership” prize of  Turkish Exporters' Assembly.

Arçelik A.Ş. opened the new product line of Romania Arctic Cooling Appliances Plant.

Arçelik was found to be “The Most Approved and Preferred Retail Brand” in a research among consumers in malls.

Arçelik A.Ş. was awarded with “CDP Performance Leader” prize by Carbon Disclosure Project. 

First Beko concept store of Azerbaijan was opened.

Arçelik A.Ş. 2012 Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with  GRI-Global Reporting Initiative Standards at “B+” level.

Beko strengthened its position in the region with the launching event it held in Singapore. 

Almanac 2014


Arçelik A.Ş. attended International Consumer Electronics Show-CES organized in Las Vegas with the Grundig brand.

Arçelik A.Ş. received a total of seven awards including three first place awards and four second place awards in “IMMIB Stars of Export 2013” awards.

Arçelik A.Ş. Çerkezköy Electric Motors Plant manufactured the 1 millionth Turkish Coffee Machine.

Arctic Romania Refrigerator Plant received the “TPM Special Award”.

Solidarity Cooking Marathon Project carried out by Beko in Spain received three awards in “Global Mercury Excellence Awards”, one of the most famous corporate communications awards of the World.

Seven different products of Arçelik A.Ş. were given awards within the scope of “IF Design”, one of the most prestigious design awards of the World.

Arçelik A.Ş. entitled to "Authorized Economic Operator Certificate" by The Ministry of Customs and Trade.

Leisure Patricia Urquiola collection designed by the globally-renowned designer Patricia Urquiola is premiered in Istanbul.

Beko introduced its products to Thailand market within the scope of HomeWorks Expo, organized in Bangkok, capital city of Thailand.

Beko exhibited its products in the 47th Cairo International Fair.


Second BMS (Backlight - Module-Set) panel production line launched in Beylikdüzü Electronics Plant.

Blomberg attended 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show held in New York.

Beko attended Eurocucina International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition held in Milan, Italy.

World premiere of Cast by Patricia Urquiola collection designed by Patricia Urquiola took place in Eurocucina International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition held in Milan.

Eskişehir Compressor Plant manufactured the 50 millionth compressor.

Arçelik A.Ş. is entitled to “CIPS Corporate Certification”, a global accreditation issued to around 130 companies globally in order to ensure excellence in purchase management.

Arçelik Authorized Dealers Assembly is held in Antalya with the participation of authorized dealers from all over Turkey.

Beko and FC Barcelona entered into a four-year partnership that brought two global brands together. The new logo of Beko is affixed on the new team jersey and training kit of Barcelona.

Beko introduced its products to consumers in an event held in Bangladesh.

Arçelik A.Ş. awarded 386 inventor engineers that undersigned important projects in the field of building technology and developing innovative products within the scope of the “16th Invention Day”.

Elektrabregenz is entitled to the “Green Brand” award for the second time in Austria.


Arçelik A.Ş. is entitled to five design awards within the scope of “Red Dot”, one of the most prestigious design contests of the World.

China Washing Machine Plant, Russia Refrigerator and Washing Machine Plant and Romania Refrigerator Plant are entitled to ISO 50001 Energy Management certifications.

2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup is held in Madrid, Spain under “Presenting Sponsorship” of Beko.

Grundig signed a sponsorship agreement with Norwegian Handball Federation (NHF) and gave its name to both women's and men's leagues.

Beko and Grundig exhibited their innovative, stylish, high-tech products at IFA, one of the world's biggest electronics and electrical household appliances.


Arçelik A.Ş. is entitled to 5 awards within the scope of the “26th Crystal Apple 2014 Turkey Advertising Awards” with Arçelik and Beko brands.

Arçelik became the co-sponsor of the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial.

Arçelik A.Ş. became one of the 15 companies listed under "BIST Sustainability Index", which is based on environmental, social and corporate governance performances of companies.

Defy opened its New Side by Side Refrigerator line at East London Plant.

Arçelik is selected as "The Most Popular Brand" in both white goods and consumer electronics fields and a category-independent survey, which is conducted for the first time, within the scope of “Turkey's Lovemarks” research.

13 products of Arçelik A.Ş. are entitled to awards within the scope of "Good Design Awards" presented by Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. Museum.

Arçelik A.Ş. is given “R&D Leadership” and “Leadership in Technology Development” awards within the scope of the Third Turkey Innovation Week organized by Turkish Exporters' Association.

Arçelik A.Ş. became the winner in “Innovation Strategy” category of InovaLIG Innovation Leaders Awards within the scope of Turkey Innovation Week.

2013 Sustainability Report of Arçelik A.Ş. is issued in accordance with the new G4 reporting guidelines of GRI - Global Reporting Initiative.

Almanac 2015

Groundbreaking ceremony of the Refrigerator Factory in Thailand, Arçelik A.Ş.’s 15th manufacturing facility worldwide, was held.

Arçelik A.Ş. was listed in the A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index 2014 which reveals world's best-performing companies within the Carbon Disclosure Project.

25th anniversary of Beko Plc., Arçelik A.Ş. company in Britain, was marked.

Arçelik A.Ş. received the "e-Waste Hero" award with the two new recycling facilities in Eskişehir and Bolu and its AEEE Management System.

Çerkezköy Electric Motors Plant received the “Advanced Special Award for TPM Achievement” from JIPM (JapanInstitute of Plant Maintenance) as the one and only from the electric motors industry. Bolu Cooking Devices Plant also received the “Special Award for TPM Achievement”.

6. International Beko Dealers Meeting hosted 1240 authorized dealers from all around the world in Istanbul.

4. Arçelik was recognized as the Turkish Patent League Leader and received the award for the Company with Highest Number of International Patent Applications at Turkish Patent Awards.

Arçelik A.Ş. opened up an R&D center at Cambridge Science Park, the first science park in the UK hosting many globally-operating technology companies and run by the Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

With the official launch of Beko Balkans D.D.O office operating in Belgrade, the number of Beko sales and marketing companies around the world reached 27.

Arctic Refrigerator Factory in Romania manufactured its 25 millionth refrigerator.

A special campaign for the 60th year of Arçelik A.Ş., “Whatever You Do, Do It With Love” was launched.

Arçelik A.Ş. was listed in MSCI’s Global Sustainability Index. The company was among the three companies classified as ‘AA’, the highest rate, and also the only white goods manufacturer in this group.

Arçelik A.Ş. became a member of “AllSeen Alliance“, a cross-industry consortium dedicated to improve the Internet of Things.

Arçelik A.Ş. once again attended the IFA Trade Show in Germany and exhibited its most innovative products and technologies at huge booths dedicated to Beko and Grundig brands.

Eurobasket 2015 was held in a number of European countries and cities with Beko as the Presenting Sponsor.

Arçelik A.Ş. attended the ‘Climate Action and Green Competitiveness’ Event hosted by the World Bank in Washington.

Arçelik A.Ş. supported the 4th Innovation Week - Turkey event as a strategic partner.

Beko was the first household appliances brand to be awarded with the ‘Green Brands’ quality award in Germany.

Arçelik A.Ş. was awarded with “R&D Leadership” and “Technology Development Leadership” awards by the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

In the International IMP³rove Innovation Awards, Arçelik A.Ş. was the only Turkish finalist in the category of large corporations.

Almanac 2016

Arçelik A.Ş. Refrigerator Plant in Thailand started manufacturing.

Beko launched its global Official Partner of Play campaign.

Arçelik Creative Industries Application and Research Center (KUAR) was founded with the collaboration of Arçelik A.Ş. and Koç University.

Arçelik and Beko launched www.arceliksensizolmaz.com and www.bekodunyam.com web sites to provide detailed information on “Special Customer Programs” for its partners and special customers.

Arçelik A.Ş. manufactured Turkey's first and slimmest 4K Android Ultraslim TV.

Arçelik manufactured Selamlique Capsule Turkish Coffee Machine.

Grundig collaborated with “Food for Soul” founded by Massimo Bottura to create awareness of waste food.

Grundig presented the home technologies of the future at Eurocucina, world's most prestigious design fair.

Arçelik A.Ş. attended the World Bank's “Dialogue For Climate Action” event and signed the “Principles of Dialogue For Climate Action”.

Beko LLC Washing Machine and Refrigerator Plant celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Arçelik A.Ş. hosted a grandiose opening ceremony for the new global purchasing center in China.

Arçelik A.Ş. held the Global Purchasing Summit in Istanbul with the attendance of one thousand people.

Arçelik A.Ş. introduced HomeWhiz which allows communication of smart devices with white goods and home appliances.

Arçelik A.Ş. introduced “Unimpaired Products” project which includes products and solutions for visually impaired.

Arçelik A.Ş. 2015 Sustainability Report was issued in compliance with Global Sustainability Initiative's G+ basic application level.

Arçelik A.Ş. was listed in Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index.

Arçelik launched the Collaborative Robot project, a first implementation of human - robot interaction which is an important element of Industry 4.0.

Arçelik manufactured and launched Turkey's first OLED TV.

Arçelik A.Ş. attended the IFA Fair in Germany with Beko and Grundig brands and introduced innovative products and technologies.

Arçelik Dealers Meeting was held in Antalya with the attendance of more than a thousand dealers from all around Turkey.

“Professional Grout” and “Coffee & Spice Grinder” designed by Arçelik for hotels, restaurants and cafés were introduced at Istanbul Coffee Festival.

Arçelik A.Ş. extended the partnership agreement with LG until 2023 and announced that commercial A/Cs would be manufactured in addition to home A/Cs.

Arçelik A.Ş. incorporated “Arçelik Pazarlama A.Ş. (ARPAŞ)” to manage the operations in Turkey more efficiently.

Arçelik A.Ş. acquired Dawlance, Pakistan’s leading white goods and home appliances manufacturer, with the company's three production plants.

Arçelik A.Ş. was a strategic partner of Turkey Design Week organized by the Ministry of Economy and Turkish Exporters Association.

Retail Academy was established by Retail Development Directorate to strengthen the position of Arçelik A.Ş. brands at sales points in Turkey.

Arçelik A.Ş. introduced Turkey's first “Smart Home Assistance”.

Arçelik A.Ş. was granted with incentives by the Government of Romania for the new Arctic Washing Machine Production Plant.

Arçelik A.Ş. held an official opening ceremony for the R&D Center in Cambridge.

Beko became the Turkey sponsor of FCBEscola, the official football school of Barcelona Footbal Club.

Arçelik A.Ş. was listed in “The A List: The CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index”. Arçelik A.Ş. is the first Turkish industrial company to enter this list twice.

Arçelik A.Ş. was the only industry company representing Turkey at 2 events organized by the Ministry of Environment & Urban Planning and UNEP in COP 22.

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