Arçelik A.Ş. marks IFA Fair with two giant brands




Arçelik A.Ş. attends IFA, the largest electronics fair of Europe, with its two giant brands BEKO and Grundig; and introduces those brands’ newest and state-of-the-art technology products to the visitors. Grundig, official technology partner of Bundesliga, presents the newest products for technology and football fans with the concept “You Will Never Watch Alone!” BEKO attends the fair going September 2nd through September 7th, for the first time with the entire hall no. 7.1a. World Brand BEKO, which provides products and services in more than 100 countries, exhibits its newest and superior technology, energy-saving products in this fair within the framework of ‘smart solutions improving everyday life'. At the Beko Stand, visitors can also taste ‘Different Specialties from World Cuisines’, at different hours, have a great time and win presents with the cheerful Beko Basketball Games.  The best surprise of the stand is that visitors have the opportunity to meet players of the team Alba Berlin, one of the leading teams of the Beko German Basketball League sponsored by Beko.

Arçelik A.Ş. attends the biggest technology fair of Europe, IFA, held since 1926, with its two giant brands this year. Arçelik A.Ş. Assistant General Manager for Marketing Tülin Karabük visited the IFA Fair where Beko and Grundig brands brought their latest novelties together with the technology enthusiasts at an exclusively designed area of total 3,200 square meters. Karabük stated that Arçelik A.Ş., owning very strong brands, exhibits the newest and the state-of-the-art technology products of two brands at this fair.

Noting that Arçelik A.Ş., the third largest company of Europe in its sector, continues its consistent growth both locally and internationally, Tülin Karabük said, “We earn 51 percent of our turnover of 7 billion TL through our sales in the international markets. We obtain a significant amount of these sales through our main brand Beko in the international markets”. Stating that Beko maintains innovations all the time and with its high quality, original design, ease of us, widespread distribution network and strong after-sales service, they are aiming at presenting all solutions to make their consumers’ life easier, Karabük said, “Beko does not only produce smart products with superior technology but also it completes this technology with environment friendly features".


Tülin Karabük: “Beko does not only manufacture smart products with superior technology, which improves everyday life, but also, completes this technology with environmentally-friendly features"

Tülin Karabük indicated that presenting smart solutions with free standing and built-in white goods, small house appliances, air-conditioning and electronic products in Turkey and all around the world, Beko is a brand, which meets the needs of a very wide consumer group and increases the quality of daily life. She also expressed their happiness to present new technologies to consumers at the IFA Fair. 
 “With the white goods of innovative and environment-friendly BEKO, presenting smart solutions, we are in more than 100 countries all over the world and at IFA.”
said, “With Beko, which is one of our strong brands and which presents products and services in more than 100 countries all over the world, we are one of the most important actors of the market; and now at IFA, we are introducing our innovative and environmentally-friendly white goods with smart solutions to the consumers. Known as the official sponsor of basketball thanks to its sponsoring activities for international championships and also its title sponsorship in the leagues of various countries such as Turkey, Germany and Russia, BEKO now at IFA presents an exciting program full of sportive surprises for the consumers and technology enthusiasts on a stand area of 1,200 square meters.” She continued: We aim at enhancing our relationship particularly with the youth through basketball and internet-based games in addition to our smart products that establish and continually develop our relationship with our users.

“We are very assertive at IFA with our leading BEKO products that feature energy-efficiency as well as Smart solutions provided for the consumers.
Tülin Karabük
, stating that they have been very assertive this year with the pioneering Beko products, which present smart solutions with cookers, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators at IFA, says that one of these products is the Beko Smart Oven, which turns cooking into fun with its digital cookbook consisting of more than 80 pre-programmed recipes. Exhibited at IFA, this special oven makes it easier to choose whichever recipe you want thank to its touch screen, provides the optimum cooking settings with 12 different preferences and easy cleaning owing to nano coating technology. Karabük mentioned that they are also presenting various solutions in other product groups at IFA with energy and water saving, silent and high-end technology products. Karabük listed other innovative products promoted at the fair, as follows: “We are introducing to our customers our washing machine, which works 5 times quieter compared to the standard models with the silent-tech technology at the A+++ energy class. Another prominent technology is the washing machine with Aquafusion Technology, which consumes 20% less energy than the A+++ energy class, prevents annual loss of 8 kg detergent thanks to its effective detergent system, enables the most effective diffusion of detergent water in laundry thanks to jet system and thus maximizes its washing performance. Our refrigerators save fresh food for longer with the Blue Light and Duo-frost cooling technology and their Multizone compartment turns into fridge or deep freezer with one touch.

Tülin Karabük said the following in relation to the dishwasher, which is the world energy efficiency champion dishwasher: "Our dishwasher with the combination of A++ energy level and 6 liters of water consumption was a first in the sector. Now we strengthen this water consumption record of ours by adding energy consumption record, as well. We take pride in introducing our world energy efficiency champion dishwasher exceeding A+++ by 10 percent at IFA.  Beko DFN 71046 X30 dishwasher bears the world record for cleaning 13 place settings by exceeding A+++ energy efficiency class by 10 percent and with 194kWh/year energy consumption."

Beko branded A- 60% driers, A- 40% built-in ovens and Duo-Frost refrigerators consuming 15% less energy than A+++ are leading green products of the industry with their energy efficiency…
Tülin Karabük
noting that Beko’s priorities, while producing high technology smart products, also include to develop environmentally-friendly products, continued: “One of the most important items of our company’s vision is to respect the globe, namely, to produce energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, which do not harm the environment. Many of our innovative products, to be exhibited this year for the first time at IFA, make a difference also with their green features and even they will make a breakthrough.” Karabük said the following about the environmentally-friendly products at IFA: “We are exhibiting our A- 40% built-in oven, which stands out with its 12 cooking programs, ease of use and cleaning. In dryers, we present a green product which consumes 60% less energy compared to the A class with the Flexysense feature. To the consumers at this fair, we also introduce our product, which consumes 20% less energy than the A++ energy class with the Aquafusion technology. Our dishwasher that exceeds even the A+++ energy class by 10% and our refrigerator with the Duo-frost Cooling Technology, which consumes 15% less energy than the A+++ class are among our green and innovative products at the fair.

Beko has been investing in basketball exactly matching with Brand values and objectives since 2006, and the German Basketball League is titled as "Beko Basketball Bundesliga". Positive feedbacks from all over the world prove that those investments reach their target. Beko will remain as “Sponsor of Basketball” in Turkey and all around the world.
Beko started to sponsor basketball in 2006 by giving its name to the Turkish Basketball League. This sponsorship was the Beko’s first step in basketball that helps Beko reach long-term brand objectives. The league was titled Beko Basketball League together with this sponsorship and All-Star games are played under the name Beko All-Star.

Investments in basketball, developing in parallel to the “World brand” vision of Beko, kept growing with the subsequent steps and have been moved to the international arena. In accordance with this vision, Beko became the Main Sponsor of 2009 FIBA Asian Basketball Championship in China, and 2009 FIBA European Basketball Championship held in Poland.

Beko has maximized its basketball investments as the ‘Presenting Sponsor’ (the greatest sponsor that presents the championship to the whole world) of 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship, which is organized every four years and which brings the strongest teams in the world together. With this giant sponsorship, Beko, as a “World Brand”, took place as the largest sponsor in one of the most significant sports organizations in the world. For the first time a Turkish brand undertook the Presenting sponsorship of one of such large-scale international sports events. In 2011, Beko continues this investment as the Presenting sponsor of the 2011 European Basketball Championship in Lithuania. 

Basketball investments of Beko in the international arena are not limited to these events. Upon BEKO’s being the title sponsor of German Basketball League Beko, one of the leading basketball leagues of the Europe, this league has started to be played with the title “Beko Basketball Bundesliga” since the beginning of the 2009-2010 season; and since 2010, Russian basketball league is played as Beko Professional League.

Investing in basketball exactly matching with brand values and goals since 2006, Beko will remain as the “Sponsor of Basketball” in Turkey and in the world. In addition, positive feedbacks received from all over the world prove that these investments reach their target.

‘You Will Never Watch Alone!’ with Grundig
Grundig, official technology partner of the German Football League Bundesliga, attends the fair with the concept ‘You’ll never watch alone’ and creates a football match atmosphere to introduce high-end technology products. Also the sponsor of Bundesliga in Germany, Grundig refers to the slogan of famous British football club Liverpool: ‘You’ll never walk alone’. Bundesliga matches are being shown at the Grundig stand built on 2,000 m2. The football matches are shown on the 5.4 x 4.4 meter giant video wall. In addition to football, personal care products designed for women are also promoted at the Grundig stand with a fashion show. At the prepared podium, models exhibit hair models, prepared by professional hairdressers by using Grundig products. Visitors of Grundig stand can also have their hair styled by professional hair designers.

Murat Şahin: “Several of our new products in TV, audio and home appliances will meet the consumers at IFA for the first time”
The CEO of Grundig Intermedia GmbH Murat Şahin
, noting that Grundig is a very strong brand with its long-standing past and dynamic structure, expressed their happiness to introduce their newest products at IFA Fair. Expressing that they are always catching the pace of rapidly changing technology, and presenting the newest products for the tech savvy, Şahin continued: “At IFA, we introduce very special products and surprises to make technology enthusiasts experience unique moments. We will display Grundig 3D TVs in the 3D-Lounge at the fair and we will also present football scenes, blockbuster movies, scenes from fashion TV and accordingly, we will share our excitement in this area with the visitors at the highest level. Visitors of the fair will have the opportunity to test new Smart Inter@ctive TVs of Grundig at the Internet Lounge.” Elaborating about innovative products at the fair, Şahin said, “With the Grundig Inter@ctive TV, we underline that internet is not a concept peculiar to computers only, so to speak, we are emphasizing the relationship to take place between computers and TVs in the near future." Indicating Hifi Ovation 3 does not require a button or remote control to open/close, Şahin said “Thanks to the hand motion detector, the music set senses your movement to open and close its cover." Underwater MP3 player Grundig Hydrox was launched last year at IFA; now its winter version “Snow MP3 player” is being presented. In the home appliances category, White Sense breakfast set offers a new interpretation of white colour. And German consumers are introduced energy of different colors and design in hair styler series Funstylers for the first time, said Şahin.

“Grundig is the first official technology sponsor of German Football League Bundesliga”
Also mentioning the importance of partnership between Bundesliga and Grundig, Murat Şahin underlined that this sponsorship was a significant milestone for the brand. "Bundesliga is an important league closely followed not only in Germany but also globally. In Grundig, technology and sports come together and form a strong team. Grundig technology will support Bundesliga broadcasts starting from the production stage," said Şahin. 

“In 2010, Grundig entered into 1 out of 6 houses in Germany”
Expressing that Grundig has obtained an important development in all sales channels since 2009 in Germany, Murat Şahin said, “Last year 7 million Grundig products have been sold only in Germany. In other words, every one of the six households in Germany purchased a Grundig product. This rate shows the positive attitude of quality minded and environmentalist German consumers for the Grundig brand. Grundig has been the brand, which showed the second highest rate of growth, especially in the TV group in Germany in 2010. And in the first half of 2011, we are continuing to increase our market share by growing higher than the market.”



Tumble drying with the highest energy-saving standards –made possible by the BEKO DPU 8390 X tumble dryer
Environmentally-friendly tumble drying is now possible without any compromises. With a 60% energy saving compared to analogous appliances in energy efficiency class A the new BEKO DPU 8390 X tumble dryer with intelligent Dry&Save technology combines ecological benefits with technical functionality and user-friendly operation. Thanks to Flexysense and 16 available settings you can adjust the drying process to suit your needs. The digital screen will always inform you of the setting status so that drying your clothes in the 8kg-capacity, illuminated stainless steel drum becomes child’s play.

The new water- and energy-saving quiet generation of BEKO dishwashers -DSN 71046 X6, DFN 71046 X30, DFN 1001 X, DFN 71046 B7
During the development of its new dishwashers, BEKO has focused on two factors in particular: minimising resource consumption whilst maximising operating comfort. It is thus hardly surprising that the “water-saving-champion” DSN 71046 X6 only requires six liters of water to clean 13 place settings with A++ energy efficiency, while the "energy saving champion" model DFN 71046 X30 exceeds energy efficiency class A+++ by 10%. In DFN 1001 X, the optimum rinse cycle can be set with the simple touch of a button thanks to the one-touch technology. This is attributable to the intelligent sensor system used in the machines and the brushless DC motor, which allows for highly flexible adjustment of the wash cycle. In addition to this, with 39 dBA noise level, the new BEKO dishwashers rank among the quietest on the market.

Smart multi-talent: New BEKO - OIM 25900 X built-in oven turns cooking into fun
With its new OIM 25900 X built-in oven BEKO is presenting a smart multi-talent at the IFA 2011 that will provide an extra helping of fun and variety in the kitchen. Thanks to the full colour digital cookbook with 82 pre-programmed recipes and the option of uploading further cooking ideas via USB connection, there are no limits to your daily choice of dish. Navigation takes place on the full-colour, user-friendly TFT LCD display, which can also be used as a digital photo frame, thereby transforming the oven into an elegant kitchen accessory. The oven door is guaranteed to shine as the new nano coating prevents the accumulation of stubborn cooking residues. A wide range of intelligent cooking functions and the low energy consumption of the appliance are further examples of how a clear environmental conscience and fun in the kitchen no longer need to be mutually exclusive.

The new OIM 25600 X and OIM 25601 X ovens from BEKO – a dream come true for amateur chefs
With the new OIM 25600 X and OIM 25601 X built-in ovens, BEKO provides maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing user-friendliness. Amateur chefs can choose between 12 different cooking settings, all easily selected via the simple-to-operate Touch Control, making cooking a truly enjoyable experience. The need to clean these kitchen aids is kept to a minimum, thanks to intelligent technology such as the oven door's nano-coating. The OIM 25600 X oven is the standard model and is 20 percent more energy-efficient than comparable category A devices. And with the OIM 25601 X Green Line version, which will be available in January 2012, BEKO  is offering impressive energy savings of 40 percent.

The new CN 136250 X fridge from BEKO – a stylish energy-saver
Sky-high electricity bills from running an inefficient fridge are now a thing of the past. At the IFA trade fair, BEKO is presenting a new product in the Green Line range, the CN 136250 X combined fridge freezer, which dazzles with reliable functionality and maximum energy efficiency. The model is 15 percent more energy-efficient than all comparable devices in the A+++ energy-efficiency class, and with its Active Dual Cooling technology and active ioniser provides all the features you’d expect from a functional cooling device. A “cool” home appliance that no environmentally aware household should be without.

The new GNE V423 X fridge from BEKO provides lots of space for maximum freshness
With the GNE V423 X model, BEKO and its new generation of fridges provide long-lasting freshness and storage life. Bluelight technology, Active Dual Cooling , and an active ioniser ensure this is the case – without turning this household appliance into an energy-guzzler. With an integrated water dispenser and 616 litres of gross capacity, this fridge provides lots of space and is also a stylish highlight in any kitchen, thanks to its elegant stainless steel design.

The new GNE 134630 X side-by-side combined fridge freezer from BEKO – a real multi-tasker that meets all the demands of a family kitchen
The new GNE 134630 X side-by-side combined fridge freezer from BEKO is as cool as they come, and provides maximum flexibility when storing food, thanks to its intelligent multi-purpose compartment. The innovative Bluelight technology in the vegetable compartment keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. The Active Duo Cooling technology also helps keep food fresh for longer, making the fridge an indispensable household aid. Other impressive features include its four ergonomic doors, an elegant stainless steel look, and handy additional functions. The automatic ice machine and the illuminated water dispenser are yet more good reasons why this premium model in BEKO's new generation of fridges is set to become a firm favourite in every family kitchen.

Silence is golden: The new WMB 81244 L washing machine from Beko is five times quieter*.
With the WMB 81244 L washing machine, peace and silence will return to your home. Featuring the new Silent Tech technology, this new household appliance from BEKO washes five times quieter than comparable models*. While this property ensures a relaxing atmosphere, the ultra-efficient High Tech Heater provides a longer service-life. With an A+++ energy-efficiency rating, this device is so efficient that you won't have to worry about your electricity bills, even when using the machine frequently.
*with respect to Beko WMD78120

The new WMB 81245 LC and WMB 91245 LC washing machines from BEKO – two highly efficient washing whizz-kids
If you want a washing machine that uses detergent and water as efficiently as possible yet which also features maximum functionality, the new WMB 81245 LC and WMB 91245 LC from BEKO are just what you need. Both your household budget and the environment will be better off, as both models are 20 per cent more energy-efficient  than comparable  A+++ energy-efficiency class models, and  save up to 8 kilos of detergent per year. This is because conventional washers lose up to 20 per cent of the detergent during the washing process, whereas BEKO has managed to reduce this loss to just four percent, thanks to its Aquafusion technology. Yet  for higher efficiency and a cleaning process which is very gentle on textiles, BEKO has drawn inspiration from nature featuring the biomimetically shaped Aquawave drum design. 

Clear home advantage with Grundig’s Sports TVs
Never lose contact with the leading teams with the Grundig Vision 8 Sports TVs – from September on, twelve new Grundig LED TVs are fully dedicated to sports. All TV models have a high-definition triple tuner, CI-Plus slot, and LED backlight technology on board. Thanks to USB recording, the most thrilling TV sports moments can instantly be captured on external media. With the Vision 8 Sports TVs from 32" to 46", entertainment comes directly from the web as well: With Smart Inter@active TV, the new models have a variety of online services already pre-integrated. The 40" and 46" models also offer sports events in breath-taking 3D and, with up to 400 Hz Picture Perfection rate, pin-sharp images in Full HD even with fast-moving contents.

Apps & More: Smart Inter@ctive TVs
From September 2011, Grundig is going online with a wide range of Smart Inter@ctive TVs. The Premium models "Fine Arts" und "Vision 8 Sports-TVs" enable access to a large number of applications (apps) without having to connect up to a computer. Selected free apps on Grundig Smart Inter@ctive TVs can provide you with quick and easy access to information on topics such as health and lifestyle or the latest news stories. Exclusive apps such as, and LAUFEN.DE as well as auto motor and sport channel or BonGusto are also available. This is the first time that these have been accessible via a TV.

Premium TV Platform
Smart solutions for your home network are the main focus of the Premium TV Chassis Digi TP. The Grundig TV range "Fine Arts" and "Vision 8 Sports-TVs" are equipped with the Digi TP Chassis and are genuine entertainment centres with all sorts of integrated apps. Have you missed your favourite TV series? Would you like to watch the news whenever you want to? No problem thanks to HbbTV. What was previously restricted to the Internet and the PC is now possible on a Grundig television. The integration of a new woofer system and the optimal adjustment of audio-specific parameters ensure brilliant sound. The slimmer design of the latest line-up is another new feature.

Mobile 22-inch screen TVs
The new Grundig models blend easily into your home environment, whether you decide to place them in the kitchen, bedroom or children's bedroom or prefer a model in piano black finish (Vision 8 VLE 8120 BG) or in white high-gloss finish (Vision 8 VLE 8120 WG). The 22-inch models are particularly suitable for use as a second television. Standard models are equipped with an HD-capable multiple tuner and so enable reception via satellite, cable and antenna without an additional receiver. As they can be operated from a 12-volt power source, full HD-TVs with Edge LED panels can also provide you with a brilliant picture when you take them on your camping or caravan holiday.

Open sesame: Ovation 3 with "Hand Motion Detection"
At the IFA 2011, Grundig shows its designer hi-fi unit, Ovation CDS 8000 iP with "hand motion detection". A slight hand movement across the right side of the compact unit is enough to make the elegant front panel open or close automatically to replace a CD. The unit with an elegant black acrylic cover not only plays traditional audio-CDs but also MP3 files and radio. For the first time, the Ovation CDS 8000 iP allows music to be played directly from an iPhone or an iPod, thanks to the integrated docking station.

MPaxx 928 Hydrox Snow gives you super sound in the snow
The mountains are calling and Grundig offers the perfect companion for snowshoe hikers, cross-country skiers or snowboarders in the half-pipe: the waterproof MPaxx 928 Hydrox Snow. The waterproof earphones provide perfect sound quality, even in the snow. In a modern orange-white design, it can be simply attached to outdoor clothes with a clip. Grundig also supplies a multi-functional bandana which can be used as a neck scarf, hair band or head covering. The Mpaxx 928 Hydrox Snow has over 2 GB of internal memory and can play music in MP3, WMA and WAV format.

Colourful Sound
The new Grundig radio alarms and CD radio recorders offer the right design to suit any home. The unpretentious white design of the multi-functional pick-me-up Sonoclocks 490, 590 and 790 DCF appeals to customers. The CD radio recorders with USB connection and MP3 playback, on the other hand, are available in a variety of colours – the radios with integrated CD player not only bring life to their environment but also provide perfect sound.

Grundig Christmas edition – a magic sound in Christmas packaging
This makes giving presents so much fun – the radio recorder RRCD 3720 DEC, the hi-fi micro system Ovation CDS 6680 USB, the micro unit UMS 4910 DEC and the Internet radio Cosmopolit 3F WEB will be available in shops in a festive Christmas wrapping from November 2011. The attractive packaging design makes buying presents easier for customers as the classic audio products are already wrapped appropriately. The selected products create a festive atmosphere with their banderoles and attract attention.

Styling fun with the Grundig Funstylers
Changing your hairstyle every day puts you in a good mood. The Grundig Funstylers offer the right care and styling product for every type of hair: hair straighteners, curlers, hairdryers or curl and volume stylers help give you voluminous curls or a satin-smooth dream look. All Funstylers shine with their trendy pink-white colour combination and can also be regarded as a beautiful bathroom accessory. It is not just your hairstyle that lives up to its promise – the Grundig Funstylers come with a three-year quality guarantee.

Grundig Black Selection – elegant styling wonders
The perfect styling: Seductive curls or silky-smooth hair can be conjured up with the Grundig Ceramic Hair Styler HS 5030. Looking for dreamy volume and a glossy mane right down to the tips? Both the Volume and Curl Hairstyler HS 4021 and the Ionic Hairdryer HD 6080 are the answer here. The Grundig Black Selection models are gentle to hair thanks to their ionic function and ceramic equipment.The elegant Black Selection offers also a high-gloss black and silver design.

White Sense – design items for the kitchen
Grundig's range of kitchen appliances which was launched at the IFA in 2010, is being extended with the White Sense family. The White Sense products by Grundig are a combination of reliable technology and stylish design. Unpretentious in pure white throughout, the breakfast helpers differ in their metallic design elements either in lavender (4062) or silver (4060). The elegant coffee machines KM 4060/4062 allow the full aroma of the coffee to unfold. Also the White Sense Toaster TA 4060/4062 and Electric Kettle WK 4060/4062 shine with the latest appliances technology and thanks to their discreet appearance, seamlessly blend into the modern kitchen.

Small but powerful – the Grundig Multi-Chopper
This makes cooking far more fun! Because the Multi-Chopper Compact Duo MM 5150 by Grundig processes ingredients such as onions, herbs, parmesan and nuts in an instant. A fresh, aromatic pesto is no problem even for a cooking novice. The Multi-Chopper in pure white and Procon silver design with its powerful 400 Watt motor even manages to chop up hard chunks of food such as carrots within seconds.

New sonic toothbrush by Grundig is one for all for dental hygiene
Teeth are in the best possible hands with the Grundig TB 8030. The Clean-White-Plus Power Edition is an all-in-one toothbrush, tongue cleaner and gum activator. It also has a wide range of dental care attachments to ensure good dental health. These include a rubber tongue and cheek cleaner to remove any remaining bacteria from the inside of the mouth. Also included in the set is a dental floss holder and an interdent attachment for perfect care even for the spaces between the teeth.

Checkpoint slim figure: bathroom scales by Grundig
Both new bathroom scales by Grundig keep a check on your figure. The multi-functional body analysis scales PS 5110 measure body weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat, the percentage of water in the body tissues, muscle mass as well as the ratio of bone weight to body weight. The bathroom scales PS 4110 have an excellent design thanks to their exclusive bamboo wood. The strikingly large LC display with blue illumination is an additional feature of the scales.