logo of arcelik
The leader, environmentalist, innovative and leading design and technology brand in Turkey’s home appliances market. When thinking about Turkey’s brands, it is the first name that comes to mind. In addition to an extensive range of products that includes home appliances, built-in appliances, electronic products, air-conditioners, fitted kitchen, and small home appliances, and the strongest, most widespread sales and after-sales service network in Turkey.
 logo of beko

A global brand that is the smart choice of 280 million people in over 100 countries worldwide providing a wide range of products including freestanding, built-in home appliances, small home appliances, air-conditioners and electronic products in Turkey and meeting the needs of a vast consumer group and improving the quality of daily life.

 blomberg of logo

The 129-year-old well-established German brand that combines technological, practical and environmental features with aesthetic design. A company that offers customers a wide range of freestanding and built-in home appliances, in line with its slogan “In harmony with You.”

 logo of arctic

Romania's most renowned and well-established local brand, and the leading home appliances company in the country.

 logo of grundig
The 67-year-old German originated strong electronic brand with extensive product range consists of consumer electronics and personal care products.
 logo of altus
Value brand in durable goods for consumers to meet their needs in the most economic way.
 logo of flavel
The UK and Ireland-based home appliances brand with freestanding and built-in home appliances product range providing affordable solutions for customers.
 logo of elektrabregenz ELEKTRABREGENZ
The 119-year-old well-established brand from Austria, one of the most popular home appliances brands in the country.
 logo of leisure
The traditional brand for freestanding cookers in the UK market. The company’s product range includes gas and/or electrical range cookers and built-in appliances with traditional and contemporary designs.
 logo of defy DEFY
South Africa's leading brand for home appliances.