Our Water Policy

In line with our vision “Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide”, we integrate sustainability approach to all of our activities aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. As a global company operating throughout the world, we acknowledge water is an essential resource of life, and appreciate that our policy and actions regarding water, have a significant effect on employees, customers, and other communities. In this context, respecting the human rights to water and sanitation, we are committed to;
•Perform our activities beyond regulatory compliance,
•Improve our water performance by focusing on reducing water consumption, increasing water efficiency, enhancing water monitoring and increasing water recycling & reuse in line with our water targets & goals,
•Minimize our water related environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle by adopting innovative technologies,
•Raise environmental awareness of our employees, stakeholders and the society,
•Provide water sanitation and hygiene, support water stewardship by collaborating with related stakeholders and participating in national & international water initiatives.
Within the above perspective, together with climate change and other environmental affairs we manage our activities by integrating Environmental, Energy, Health & Safety, Quality, GHG Management Systems, sustainability approach, and Global Business Ethics Principles.


Arçelik A.Ş. Sustainability Report 2017