In collaboration with Koç University School of Business, our Company became the first international company of Turkey that attended to Community of European Management Schools and International Companies (CEMS) that is the world-scale strategic network of business schools and multinational companies. 
CEMS aims to educate the future generations of business leaders who have an international vision required by the international enterprises, by means of collaboration between the business world and universities. For this purpose, it has developed CEMS MIM (CEMS Master’s in International Management) program that is defined as a supranational business masters degree. 
CEMS founded in 1988 is embodying 28 schools and more than 50 companies from 4 continents. In more than 50 countries over the world, there are more than 800 CEMS MIM students and more than 5000 graduates. Among the Master of Science programs in international management, CEMS MIM had been ranked number one in the world in 2009 by The Financial Times.
Together with CEMS that has an important place in international education platform and Koç University, our company will play an important role in educating the global leaders of the future by taking part in a common network of exclusive international companies and business schools.  
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