As ARÇELİK A.Ş., offering internship opportunities for high school and university students, our company supports development of young people preparing them for business life and determines the potential human resources for the company’s future. 

University students may apply for internship through the web - during February  every year. 
For high school internship, you can obtain an application form from the company’s Human Resource Department in person.
High School Internships

High school internship applications are accepted in May and June and the internships take place during the school term, i.e. between September and June.
The Human Resources Department distributes High School Intern Surveys to departments in April to determine the number of students, vocations and number of internships needed.
A needs assessment form that is filled out according to the results of the survey is sent to the Provincial National Education Directorate and the relevant schools in May.
For the students who will do an internship, the schools send vocational training agreements to the Human Resources Department by the first week of the academic year, thus starting the internship process.
In the first week of internship, the students are given Company Orientation about the organization and practices. 
University Internships
Internships are done from June to September for 1 term as minimum 6 weeks. Internship periods may vary according to annual leave situation of the Campuses. 
Between 6th of February and 6th of March is our internship application period. You may apply via 
Internship candidates take a test if they meet preliminary criteria. 
For summer internship, third year students are given priority.
Preliminary criteria;
Student’s success level
Studying at relevant department 
Quota of internship
Successful candidates are placed in accordance with their score and the department needs Candidates are informed about the result via e-mail.