Compensation and Benefits


Arçelik applies a compensation system based on the content of job rather than the title and function. Salaries are determined according to job sizes ordered in grades.

Our compensation system aims to settle total income of employees according to competitive and fair corporate policies in line with current salary market.

Furthermore, the system targets to motivate the employees by evaluating and rewarding high performance. Individual salaries are reviewed and evaluated once a year considering individual performance results, salary surveys, economic indicators and the company’s financial ability as well as the balance in company. ARÇELİK A.Ş. participates in various salary surveys and reviews the strategy of salary and benefits every year.

Wages of blue-collar employees are determined under collective labor agreement taking MESS grades as basis.

Our employees receive;
Salaries (Total 16 salaries per annum)
Bonus (In certain grades and positions).


Benefits provided for the employees are categorized under the following titles:
A. Benefits for all employees
B. Benefits for certain positions

A. Benefits for All Employees

  • Membership in Koç Holding Fund for Retirement and Social Support
  • Private Heath Insurance (covering the employee and their family)
  • Training: To support employees’ professional and personal development
  • Awards: For supreme performance, devotion, contribution and creativity
  • Discount for the company's products
  • The Koç Family Program (provides employees of the Koç Group with special advantages regarding products and services of the companies of the Koç Group, special campaigns and extra benefits.)
  • Loan application (for car, house purchases, special events etc.)
  • Social Benefits (i.e. fund for marriage, birth, education and etc.)
  • Lunch
  • Medical Service at workplace
  • Transportation

B. Benefits For Certain Positions

  • Car
  • Mobile phone
  • Check–up
  • Oil expenses
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Lunch ticket

Annual Leave Policy

Length of Services

Annual Leave /per year

1-5 years

18 days

6-14 years

22 days

15 + years

26 days