Declaration on Equality at Work

Declaration on Equality at Work

On January 15th, 2013, Our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mustafa V. Koç, has signed on behalf of Koç Group, the “Declaration on Equality at Work”. The decleration was prepared by the Equality at Work Platform, formed under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policies and in collaboration with World Economic Forum, is the most comprehensive program focusing on reducing gender gap in Turkey.

Accordingly, we have made a commitment to voluntarily adapt to the following principles aimed at eliminating gender-based discrimination and to take the lead in the dissemination of these principles throughout our country:

1- We respect human rights. We treat all employees equally.

2- We ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of female and male employees without any discrimination based on gender.

3- We specifically support female participation in labor force.

4- We define the criteria on equal opportunities for women and men under all our Human Resources policies.

5- We apply and uphold an Equal Pay for Equal Work policy.

6- We establish the mechanisms required to ensure equal access to career opportunities.

7- We create and monitor training policies, giving particular consideration to female participation in trainings.

8- We create working environments and practices to maintain work and family life balance.

9- We communicate internally and externally any news on our “equal opportunity” schemes and achievements.

10- We will promote this declaration across our eco-system (business partners, suppliers).

11- We will establish a leadership committee within our Company to monitor the items covered by the declaration.